Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

There's still time to make great homemade Christmas gifts! Here are five of my personal favorites. 

1. Goodie Bags 
Fill a cellophane bag and/or a fabric pouch with a few small goodies. Things like candy, lotion, nail polish/file, key chain, gift card or anything pocket-size. 

2. Cinnamon Honey Butter
This spreadable treat is a great gift for anyone. The recipe is easy and can be packaged in adorable little jars, decorated with fabric and a cute tag. It's especially delicious on warm toast, bagels or pretty much anything! 

3. Hot Chocolate
Who doesn't like hot chocolate? Especially homemade hot chocolate. This recipe is better than any Swiss Miss. Pair it with a mug and mini marshmallows. Warm and delicious! 

4. Wool Mittens from Sweaters 
If you have an old sweater and you can sew, you can make these. They are warm and cozy and so cute! Who wouldn't appreciate a pair of handmade mittens to wear in winter weather? 

5. Salt Scrub
I received this gift last year and I thought it was the greatest thing ever! With only a few ingredients you can customize the scent and it makes your hands (and feet) so soft. I highly recommend eucalyptus mint. It smells soooo good! 

Happy homemade gifting! 


  1. Love all these ideas!! Now if I can find time to make them...:)

  2. Totally fantastic ideas here! The mittens are genius! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you!