Sunday, May 3, 2015

Signs of Life

It's Spring, you guys! For real this time. Flowers are popping up, trees are budding, the grass is actually greener, creatures are reappearing, and the sun, oh, the sun is shining again! 

I am a huge fan of spring. Once winter has thawed and new life reawakens, it makes me feel so hopeful and happy. I gotta be honest, winter is such a drag! Physically and emotionally. I am thankful the snow is gone (for now), but the changing seasons make me appreciate the uniqueness of each time of year. 

I read a quote recently by Elisha Galotti, "Winter will give way to Spring, and if all we do is wait for the warmth of the next season, we'll miss the beauty of today." I just love that. 

I've been thinking a lot about life (and birth) since the arrival of our baby boy. There are so many sweet eye-opening truths to be learned from babies and how precious life really is and how beautiful our God is. The same God who made daffodils and silver frogs and the sun to rule the day, made you and I and everything that has breath. Despite all of the suffering and chaos that plagues this world, there is so much beauty to be seen and joy to experience. It's all around us.

I'm reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

Take a few moments to look around and breathe in the sweet aroma of spring. Know that God is there and He makes all things new!  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Housewarming Gift Basket

Our friends recently moved into a new home and I wanted to bring them a little housewarming gift. I was trying to think of something clever and simple that I haven't done before. After consulting Pinterest, I came across various versions of a "It's a Wonderful Life" inspired baskets. I really like the three wishes each ingredients sends. 

Bread, that this house may never know hunger. 
I picked up a rustic looking country loaf from the grocery store. If I had more time I would have baked it myself. 

Salt, that this life may always have flavor. 
I found a rather large gourmet sea salt grinder at Marshall's (my favorite store, of course). 

Wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
Any bottle of wine or sparking grape juice is perfect. I wrapped it in a pretty tea towel to add color. 

All you need is a cute basket to hold them all and your gift is pretty much done.

I designed my own tags, printed them on white card stock, cut them out and attached them with white baking string. Simply save and print the above page if you'd like to use them! Or you can hand write your own for a more personal touch.

Any new homeowner will be blessed by a sweet basket like this. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

This Easter, we took Marshall on his first road trip to Pennsylvania where he got to visit GiGi and Poppi's house for the fist time and meet the entire extended Ohl family.

Marshall had two very excited cousins to meet.

More cousins, aunts and uncles...

And his great-grandma, Nana. So special to have a great-grandma. 

It was a bittersweet Easter celebration at Nana's house. This is the last time we would all be together in this house. The house that Nana and Pop Pop built themselves after they got married, many years ago. They raised 5 children in this house. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren have come to visit. I've been part of the Ohl family for almost 10 years and we were always there for at least one holiday every year, if not more. 

It's the end of an era. Many memories for so many. I am blessed that I got to experience this house and these memories, especially since I no longer have living grandparents of my own. As crazy, quirky and funny as that house may be, it's one of a kind and could tell a million stories. 

I'm glad Marshall got to experience it, too. Even if he won't remember, we have pictures to show him.

It was a memorable Easter "Saturday".

On Easter Sunday, we went to church (Marshall's first church service!) and took our annual family photos.

The weather was much too windy for photos outside, but that didn't stop Sydney and Morgan from hunting for Easter eggs! 

I really like this photo of our growing family. Marshall's first trip across state lines was an overall success (despite my worries about it). He definitely was the star of the show and felt very loved!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: Two

Our happy little guy has changed so much! He is really starting to fill out, especially in his cheeks and legs. I just love chubby baby rolls and kissable cheeks! 

For some reason Marshall was showing his more serious side the day of his photo shoot. He really is a happy baby and usually all smiles. It's hard work getting a him to look at the camera! This beautiful one-of-a-kind quilt was handmade by my talented friend, Nicole. Marshall loves it! 

• Still gives lots of smiles
• Likes looking at lights and at the ceiling
• Prefers to be held (doesn't like being set down)
• Enjoys stroller rides
• Loves play time on his activity mat
• Likes music and when we sing to him 
• His eyes are beautiful blue (my wish come true)
• 10 lb 10 oz at his 2-month checkup 

I'm still crazy about his adorable little feet and toes. This little piggy went to market...

To give you some perspective, here's our photobombing cat, Chancho, who is still larger than our baby. Someday Marshall is going to be bigger than you and will be running after you! 

This little boy has stolen my heart.