Monday, October 29, 2018

Weston Month Eleven

E L E V E N Months. I've been procrastinating posting this one because I know what comes next month and I'm not ready for that to happen yet AT ALL. This photo shoot was pretty much a flop and the most challenging one yet! My poor baby wasn't feeling well with a runny nose. But we tried. The basket was just not happening. We did get some fun pictures outside one fall afternoon. Just look at this sweet little pumpkin!

October was a big month for Weston. He took his first real steps and started learning how to walk! We found out that he is allergic to eggs, which we suspected after he would break out in a topical rash after eating eggs. Thankfully, it is one of the "easier" allergies to manage and he might grow out of it as he gets older. 

We had some gorgeous days with apple picking, walks at the park, and time at the playground! 

Marshall and Weston continue to grow their bond as brothers and love to wrestle and be completely silly! And adorable.

We attended Marshall's first school field trip to a pumpkin farm with a hayride on a very cold but sunny day.

Weston loves to stand, walk, ride in a wagon, get pulled around on a blanket and rummage through the kitchen cupboards. 

We just love his sweet personality and he brings so much joy to our family!

• Started leaning to walk
• Loves our cats and tries to chase after them
• Tries to look in the refrigerator
• Loves bath time
• Is impossible to get dressed
• Wants to do everything his big brother is doing
• SO strong
• Has the sweetest smile and best laugh
• Loves to eat
• Does not like waiting for food
• Likes looking outside and being outside
• Climbing on everything  
• Good sleeper but still gets up at least once at night
• Gets upset when something is taken away from him
• Goes after any shoes he can get his hands on
• Likes music and dancing

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Marshall Starts Preschool

In September, our big three-and-a-half-year-old started preschool! I can hardly believe I'm saying that. Two days a week, at the Christian school where I went to elementary and junior high. It's surreal to be back there, now with my own child! So far, he's doing great. I'm enjoying hearing the songs he's learning and having lots of construction paper pictures and crafts to hang on the wall. Marshall really is mature for his age and the social interaction and structure is so good for him. He's been carrying on adult-like conversations with us for so long, sometimes I forget that he's only 3.5! We love you sweet Marshall! Learn, and grow and do great things!  

Bookworm brothers (hopefully)!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Weston Month Ten

Our little wiggle worm is 10 months! Weston is on the move almost constantly. I think this may be his last photo in the baby basket! As you can tell, he just wanted to sit up and climb right out. He's gotten very fast at crawling, especially when he's after something he wants, like shoes, the bathroom, or catching a glimpse inside the refrigerator. He definitely keeps me on my toes at all times! 

He still has those perfectly kissable cheeks and squishy baby legs, but he's starting to thin out a bit and he's getting taller. His height and head were in the 95th percentile at his checkup! 

He's got trouble written all over that sweet face, and he's got my eyebrow raise! But his smile melts me every. single. time. 

We held on to lots of summer in September with trips to our favorite ice cream shop, time outside and time at the park. 

We even had a visit with Gigi and Poppi and played at the playground. 

As fall as started to settle in, we've visited some pumpkin farms, played in the hay, and picked apples!

Weston is such a happy boy and an absolute joy! I feel silly admitting that I ever wondered how I would love another baby as much as my firstborn, but I do, without question, and he fills my heart and our family with so much love - and laughter!

He loves "wrestling" and getting right in the action, chasing after his brother. He's been heard saying "Mama" and "Uh oh" with his cute little voice. He also grunts, growls, squeaks and squawks - so many adorable sounds.


• Trying to stand without holding on
• Took two tiny steps
• Loves to eat
• Good sleeper
• Likes to play with shoes (I have to hide them all!)
• Loves "playing" with his big brother when Marshall "lets" him
• Gets upset when something is taken away and will let you know
• Dislikes waiting to eat
• Loves being outside
• Likes the swing
• Said "Mama" and "Uh oh" 
• The best snuggles

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Red White and Blue Wedding Stationary


When I design wedding invitations, they're usually done months and months in advance (which is wise, of course, when planning a wedding). I love that I get to be part of the "insider" planning stage and work behind the scenes to help set the tone for such a special day. BUT, that means that I have to wait months and months to see how everything comes together at the actual event. I really look forward to seeing photos of the wedding ceremony, the venue and of course the bride and groom! 

I couldn't wait to see Anderson and Collin's wedding pictures and see their dream realized, after having just a small glimpse through their invitations. And I've never even met them in person! My heart skipped a beat when I saw their images, captured by the incredibly talented Michal-Kathryn Photography. I can't thank her enough for recommending me to the happy couple, and for graciously allowing me to share a few of the photos. 

It was so much fun designing an all American wedding themed invitation set. A combination of red, white, and blue, lace, political/ballot style and rustic barn wedding, all rolled into one. My kind of project! 

They also requested campaign buttons to hand out at the reception, which was a really fun piece to design. How cute are these?!

Such a beautiful couple and wedding party! Congratulations Anderson and Collin! It was a pleasure working with you.

Images by: Michal-Kathryn Photography

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weston Month Nine

Our sweet little boy is 9 months old. I have to keep checking to make sure that's correct. It seems surreal that he's been in our arms as many months as we waited for him while he grew in my belly. He greets me every morning with the sweetest smile and enthusiasm. He has the cutest "growl" when he is excited. This boy is fast! He's crawling and going after every single thing. He loves to stand so much! And he wants to walk so badly. Soon, baby boy, soon. 

Weston can now sit up very well and officially crawls on his hands and knees, instead of pulling himself across the floor. He pulls himself up on everything! I can wheel him around on some toys (with seat belts), which he really likes.

Marshall loves "holding" his little brother and keeps trying to pick him up and carry him around (which I have to supervise very closely!). 

They have surprised me by how much they already "wrestle" together on the floor. Weston loves rolling around and "tackling" his big bro! They can ride in the shopping cart together, too, which is fun. The first time they sat side by side, Marshall kept hugging and squeezing Weston! 

It was another exciting month of summer fun! We spent time with our family in Pennsylvania, threw a surprise party for Andrew's parents, went to the beach in New Jersey (Weston's first time at the ocean!), time with cousins, Crayola Factory, Knobles Grove Amusement Park, and a weekend in the mountains 4-wheeling! Phew! SO fun.

Lots of great memories. 

I still look at these boys and can't believe they're ours. They're definitely cute, high-energy, sweet, funny and silly, all at the same time! And these photo shoots are increasingly challenging, I'll tell you that!


• Crawling - and quick!
• Babbling, squealing and "talking" 
• Likes to eat - fruits, veggies, Cheerios and snacks (and of course milk)
• Hates being on his back
• Doesn't sit still for diaper changes or getting dressed
• Loves his brother so much
• Gives lots of smiles and giggles
• Does not like being away from mommy 
• Likes riding in the stroller and shopping carts
• Enjoys playing in water
• Hair is blonde now!
• Getting into EVERYTHING