Saturday, March 3, 2018

Weston Month Three

Weston is 3 months old! He is such a sweetie and a joy. He wants to be held 24/7 and most of the time I do. He's quite a little chunk, but he's starting to grow into his cheeks. He's often called, "Mr. Cheeks". He's very smiley, especially when he wakes up and when he sees Mommy. We just love him to pieces and he lights up our days!

He continues to be a good baby. The only exception is when he's tired. He often fights sleep until the point where he's crying (and sometimes screaming) and then conks out. He likes to nap in the swing and loves to sleep while being held. 

 Weston celebrated the Eagles super bowl win. E-A-G-L-E-S!  

He likes watching his big brother and some how manages to sleep through all the ruckus in the house. 

He celebrated his first Valentine's Day. What a little love he is! 

I could look at this face all day. 

I did two photo shoots this month. Weston was all smiles in the first one and was so good for the camera, but the lighting was not good and I wasn't happy with the angle and the reflective floor (of course I'm being critical of my own "work"). But he looks adorable! 

The second setup was much better and I think I might continue using the white blanket instead of the floor. I don't want to change the series at this point and wish I could go back and change the first two, but we'll see how next month goes! 

Marshall wanted in on the action, too. He cracks me up! There are moments when I look at these two boys and wonder that they are actually ours. Marshall looks so tall here!  

Weston, you are so very loved! Every day is better with you in our family. Happy three months sweet boy! 
• Still loves being held
• Lots of smiles
• Can roll onto his side
• Found his hands and likes putting them in his mouth
• Wearing 3-6 and some 6 month clothes 
• Around 15 pounds (he's a big boy!) 
• Has giggled a little (the best!)
• A little ticklish 
• Does not like being alone
• Likes watching his brother and TV
• Still does not like being in the car seat 
• Has the best cheeks for kisses!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Church Christmas Theme Graphics

It's hard to believe that Christmas was two months ago! One of the last projects I completed in 2017, was Christmas theme graphics for a church in our area. I was thrilled to work with Browncroft Community Church, a community that I'm familiar with, have attended events at, and know many who go there.

The theme "A New Hope" would be featured in both print and various digital formats. This was a little new for me, as I needed to keep in mind that the artwork would be used across a variety of platforms. The pieces included a poster, post card, bulletin cover, Facebook cover, Instagram image, website and auditorium big screen graphics. The main Christmas service, as well as Christmas Eve and a separate festival were showcased.

I enjoyed stretching my Photoshop skills to create the perfect image we were looking for. The team at Browncroft did a beautiful job implementing the graphics across all points of contact, and it was a pleasure working together. You can visit their website and view the message series A New Hope.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Marshall Turns 3!

Our little Marshall man turned three years old! And what a fun year of growing and learning it has been. I'm truly amazed at the amount of change and development I've seen happen right before my eyes, yet all of a sudden he seems so grown up!

Don't let Mr. Serious fool you. He is quite the joker and loves to laugh and be silly. He is very smart. I know every parent probably says that, but he really is so curious and understands so much and his memory rivals that of an elephant. He's been having complete conversations with an impressive vocabulary for a long time. I'm often amazed by the big words he uses correctly! He's quite the chatter box. From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed there is a LOT of taking. And questions. And more questions. And I don't have all the answers! It's exhausting. But so much fun to watch him learn about the world and how things work. And how to fix things with tools. He's all about fixing things and changing batteries! 

Our handsome fella. It's much more challenging to get a real smile on camera these days. When asked, he often does a cheesy forced smile. Photo shoots were much easier when he couldn't run away! He has such a fun-loving and goofy personality and he's wild (like most little boys)! He also has such a sweet, caring side and melts me when I least expect it. Sometimes he says the sweetest things!

If you know Marshall, you know how special he is. He loves to help and be "in charge", and he knows EXACTLY how he wants things done. He lives for snacks. All. The. Time. He likes trucks, tractors, 4-wheelers, and basically anything with an engine and wheels. He definitely knows how to push my buttons and tries to negotiate for what he wants.

He is a ball of energy and is excited to go places and try new things. I often wonder how to keep him busy and keep his mind engaged. I'm so glad he likes reading books with us, although he doesn't like to sit still for long. He loves his TV shows. I've been seeing more and more of his creative side which I like to think he gets from me. He's also a loud talker. I grew up in a very quiet household, so the noise level and commotion is still something I'm trying to get used to! I know it will only get worse with two boys running around! He likes to help me clean, which is awesome.

It's been a big year of change, as he became a big brother in November. He's definitely getting more used to sharing our attention, but it's still hard. He was our one and only for so long. He and I spent almost three years, just he two of us, together everyday. Things look different now, but I think he really loves Weston and is going to be a great (albeit rough and tough) big brother. I just love watching them interact!

We celebrated by baking a cake for his birthday at home and decorating it together. Marshall wanted chocolate chips (his favorite) and dumped all the sprinkles on top, after requesting that I write "Happy Birthday Marshall" and his favorite number, 640. 

We also had a party for Marshall and a few friends at a local fun center. They played arcade games, made stuffed animals and ran around in the ball factory. It was a lot of fun!

I can't get over this comparison photo from Marshall's 2nd birthday compared to his 3rd, ironically wearing the same shirt. He looks like such a little baby at 2! Such a big boy now. Happy birthday to the boy who made us parents and continues to teach me so much about love, and life, and all things boy. We love you with all our hearts and can't wait to see what the year holds for you sweet boy!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weston Month Two

The weeks seem to be flying by here! Weston is two months old and growing like a champ. He's currently weighing in around 14 pounds and has been wearing 3 month clothing already. He's a handsome little solid bundle of snuggles! 

It's so much fun seeing his personality start to come out. He may look surprised and serious in a lot of photos but he has the sweetest smile that lights up his whole face. I absolutely love when he smiles at me, even when it's 4:30am. 

Weston already likes to watch what his big brother is doing. Seeing the two of them together makes my heart swell and cracks me up at the same time. We keep wondering what Weston's personality will be like. Wild and active like Marshall? More quiet and reserved? Somewhere in the middle? 

I absolutely love being a mom of boys, even though the living room is already a mess by 9am and I don't understand the need to jump, throw, shout, and kick anything and everything. I know my future holds a LOT more of that! 

Can we talk about Weston's cheeks for a minute? I seriously kiss them every chance I can. 

And his chubby thighs? The best. I just love everything about this sweet baby!

• Loves being held and does not like to be set down
• Seems to like bath time
• This boy runs hot and does not need many layers or blankets
• Still rockin' great hair
• Has some serious crying fits when he's tired 
• Loves his Mommy 
• Hates being in his car seat
• Sleeping longer stretches at night
• Has the BEST cheeks