Friday, June 29, 2018

Weston Month Seven

My little baby love is seven months! He is such a joy! And a rolly-polly bundle of sweetness. Weston is army crawling all over the floor, and he's getting quite fast. He wants to move, move, move! I'm seriously amazed at his strength and determination. He hardly sits still.

Weston wakes up a pretty happy guy and greets me with a smile, which is my absolute favorite. Marshall likes to jump in his crib to see him, too. 

These boys of mine are just so cute. Weston absolutely adores Marshall and his whole face lights up when he hears his voice. Marshall makes him laugh and can help him stop crying just by talking to him and "playing" with him. I love seeing their relationship grow. They are silly, and going to be double trouble, no doubt. 

We had a wonderful weekend visit from Gigi and Poppi, with non-stop fun. Playing at home, riding 4-wheelers, going to the park, and lots of memories made. 

Weston likes being pulled around the yard in the wagon (just like Marshall did/does). He loves being outside and observing everything going on. 

I carry him around on my left hip, the majority of the day. He's my buddy and doesn't like when I set him down. He knows when I leave the room and he makes it known that he doesn't want me out of his sight! He's been growing his top two teeth, which has made for some very light nights, extra fussiness and extra snuggles. But for the most part, he is still pretty easy going. 

He spends a little time in the exersaucers and likes standing and bouncing on his legs. We've been introducing foods and he likes to feed himself. He likes peaches, pears, peas, sweet potatoes, and toast, the best. 

Going for after dinner family walks is one of our favorite things to do. Weston likes riding in the stroller and taking in all the sights. 

Weston's smile is contagious! He likes the baby swing in the front yard tree. He's still rocking the comb-over hair style, but not for long...

Weston, we love you more and more every day and we love seeing you grow and learn new things! 

• Army crawling all over the place
• Loves his mommy 
• Knows when mom leaves the room and doesn't like it
• Gets upset when something is taken away from him
• Likes peaches, peas, pears, toast, sweet potatoes 
• Loves standing 
• Very fair, sensitive skin
• Likes going for walks
• Doesn't like being alone
• Loves being held

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Goat Isle Soap Branding and Photography

I partnered with Carpenter's Family Farm, located in Brockport, NY, to develop a logo, packaging, marketing materials and product photography for their extensive line of Goat Isle Soap and raw goat's milk products. This has been such a fun brand to work with! I've had the opportunity to visit the farm and see the animals that they care for, as well as use many of their amazing soaps. There are over 30 varieties! And so many beautiful scents and combinations. Visit their website to learn more. They will be at many festivals and shows this year, for those who are local.

This is one of the posters designed for a craft show event. I really enjoy being able to support a brand through multiple marketing platforms. Especially having the opportunity to style and photograph their soaps and products for the website and social media. I love this part! Here are some of the images.

I was able to incorporate the logo onto a few of the images and create headers and larger scale social media graphics. 

Follow Goat Isle Soap on Instagram if you'd like to know about upcoming events, how to order, and see their adorable goats and farm animals. Look for Carpenter's Family Farm on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Weston Month Six

I honestly can't believe this little bundle of joy is half a year old! Weston brings so much happiness and light into our lives. He really is a happy, easy baby most of the time. I just love his smile and the way his face lights up when he sees one of us. He LOVES Marshall and watching our cats. 

Just look at these two! 

He rolls around and around on his belly and his back. I can tell this guy just wants to move! Which should be no surprise, because he was so active when he was in my belly. He already gets frustrated when he can't get to where he wants and he's constantly reaching and grabbing anything in sight! 

He just wants to be with us and watch what's going on, at all times. Did I mention that he's heavy? My back is having a hard time carrying him around all day! I don't want to rush one minute of his growth, but I think he will be happy when he can sit up on his own. He doesn't like being on his back for too long. 

His favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe and this red thing. He drools a lot and those two bottom teeth are sharp! 

We took Weston to the zoo, our beach, and some local parks for the first time. 

Celebrating my first Mother's Day as a mom of two was such a special day. We went for a walk at one of our favorite spots, ordered take-out all weekend and had some of my favorite treats! Andrew even made me crepes for breakfast! These boys of mine are the best. 

Weston is so expressive and makes the cutest faces! 

We just love him with all our hearts!  

• Rolling around
• Very strong at grabbing things
• Likes to watch the cats
• Loves "playing" with Marshall 
• Dislikes being alone
• Likes to put his feet in his mouth
• Chews on his first two fingers
• Has thighs for days
• Still has one long patch of hair on top of his head 
• A good sleeper
• Has the best cheeks for kisses