Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weston Month Nine

Our sweet little boy is 9 months old. I have to keep checking to make sure that's correct. It seems surreal that he's been in our arms as many months as we waited for him while he grew in my belly. He greets me every morning with the sweetest smile and enthusiasm. He has the cutest "growl" when he is excited. This boy is fast! He's crawling and going after every single thing. He loves to stand so much! And he wants to walk so badly. Soon, baby boy, soon. 

Weston can now sit up very well and officially crawls on his hands and knees, instead of pulling himself across the floor. He pulls himself up on everything! I can wheel him around on some toys (with seat belts), which he really likes.

Marshall loves "holding" his little brother and keeps trying to pick him up and carry him around (which I have to supervise very closely!). 

They have surprised me by how much they already "wrestle" together on the floor. Weston loves rolling around and "tackling" his big bro! They can ride in the shopping cart together, too, which is fun. The first time they sat side by side, Marshall kept hugging and squeezing Weston! 

It was another exciting month of summer fun! We spent time with our family in Pennsylvania, threw a surprise party for Andrew's parents, went to the beach in New Jersey (Weston's first time at the ocean!), time with cousins, Crayola Factory, Knobles Grove Amusement Park, and a weekend in the mountains 4-wheeling! Phew! SO fun.

Lots of great memories. 

I still look at these boys and can't believe they're ours. They're definitely cute, high-energy, sweet, funny and silly, all at the same time! And these photo shoots are increasingly challenging, I'll tell you that!


• Crawling - and quick!
• Babbling, squealing and "talking" 
• Likes to eat - fruits, veggies, Cheerios and snacks (and of course milk)
• Hates being on his back
• Doesn't sit still for diaper changes or getting dressed
• Loves his brother so much
• Gives lots of smiles and giggles
• Does not like being away from mommy 
• Likes riding in the stroller and shopping carts
• Enjoys playing in water
• Hair is blonde now!
• Getting into EVERYTHING

Saturday, August 11, 2018

65th Surprise Party

We threw a surprise 65th birthday party for Andrew's parents in August and it was a success! Dennis and Marilyn had no idea and both were completely surprised! It was a lot of fun to plan, and gather family and friends to celebrate such a special couple, who are very loved by so many. And, who certainly don't look their age! It was wonderful to see almost our whole extended family and catch up with one another. Our gift was a scrapbook with photos, notes and special memories. They loved it.

A very special and happy birthday, that we'll remember for years to come! xoxo

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Weston Month Eight

You guys. This baby. He is eight months old and a ball of energy and joy and pure squish! I'm having trouble putting into words the way he makes me feel. I just look at him and I have to kiss his cheeks, over and over again. He has this toothy grin now, with his 6th tooth pushing through! Poor sweetie. Teething is not fun, but he's handling it fairly well, with some crankiness and extra cuddles. 

I adore the way his entire face lights up when he sees us! Getting him out of his crib in the the morning or after nap is my favorite. He's usually babbling and cooing and smiling. The. Best. 

He is getting so big! And he does not sit still. At all. He's army crawling all over the place and all he wants to do is STAND. He pulls himself up on anything and everything. I had to gate the stairs because he can already climb the stairs. Everything is happening so soon with this guy! S L O W  D O W N 

Weston just adores Marshall. They already crack each other up and it's the funniest thing to watch. Marshall can be a little rough at times and Weston is not afraid, often giggles and rolls around right after him! Weston is determined to get where he wants, what he wants, and to be included in everything. I can't get over how physically strong he is! 

He's also the cutest thing ever, so there's that, too. 

This month (July), Weston and Marshall got to spend time with Nana (my Mom). We made lots of memories and it was so fun having her here to enjoy summer with us! 

We also got to introduce Weston to some of my extended family and meet our new baby cousin, Scarlett. I love seeing all these cute cousins together! 

Weston got his first haircut! It was SO long, his hair was in his eyes. We finally had to get rid of his comb-over patch. Although I was sad to see it go, he looks SO sweet with his new look! 

This summer has been wonderful! We've gone for lots of walks around the neighborhood, trips to our favorite ice cream shop, a visit to the farm. 

Weston experienced his first 4th of July celebration. 

He likes being outside and loves observing everything - cars, nature, his brother running around. He still likes being held and gets upset with I set him down. He's pretty easygoing but at times is more fussy than he used to be. This is such a fun (and exhausting) age, and I'm loving seeing him do so many things! 

• Moving, standing and pulling himself up on everything
• Likes eating 
• Cutting his 6th tooth
• Doesn't like being alone
• Loves watching animals
• Very smiley
• Does not like getting into his car seat
• Likes riding in the stroller
• Likes hearing singing and music
• Likes kisses and being tickled
• Loves interacting with his family