Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homemade Hot Chocolate

I found a super easy recipe for making delicious homemade hot chocolate. A perfect little Christmas gift for co-workers, friends and family. Last year I made Cinnamon Honey Butter. I just love decorating little jars with fabric and adding my own customized gift tag!

The Christmas Tree Shop had pint jars for 59 cents each! I picked up 20. I wasn't sure how many I wanted to make, so I got extra just in case. I ended up making 20 jars! I had to go back to the store to double the recipe ingredients.

25.6 oz box of dry milk
1 LB powdered sugar
10 oz plain non-dairy coffee creamer
16 oz Nesquick chocolate powder
(Fills 10 pint jars)

Find the biggest bowl you can find. For realz. I had to split my batch into two bowls because I didn't have one big enough for mixing it all at once. Dump all four dry ingredients together and stir until everything is completely incorporated. Make sure you mix it together really well. Spoon into pint jars, decorate with fabric and a gift tag.

Gift Tag Instructions:
Add 5 Tablespoons of Hot Chocolate Mixture to 8 oz of hot water. Stir and enjoy!

I really like this hot chocolate recipe. It's creamier than store bought brands and less sugary. So far I've gotten great reviews from those who have tried it. It was fun to make and I think the presentation is adorable. If I do say so myself :) How cute would this be, paired with some homemade marshmallows or a bag of cookies? Makes me want to curl up by the fireplace with a hot mug in hand and a cozy blanket!


  1. Will make this and the cinnamon honey butter! Thank you for saving me!

    1. So glad you found these - enjoy! Thank you for stopping by Brandi!


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