Sunday, December 19, 2010

Morgan's Homemade Salt Scrub

I have to brag on my friend Morgan and her thoughtful creativity. I was the blessed recipient of her homemade Eucalyptus Mint Salt Scrub. This generously sized hinged jar is filled with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus and mint. It really does make your hands feel soft and smell pretty! I had to ask her how she made it and I was surprised at the simple recipe.

Salt Scrub Recipe:
1 cup sea salt (coarse)
½ cup of delicate oil (almond or grape seed)
5-15 drops of essential oil (whatever scent you like, such as Bath & Body Works oils)
Mix together salt and grape seed oil until well incorporated. Add essential oil drops and keep stirring, until you are happy with the scent. Put in a jar to keep or pass along as a gift!
If you want to make bath salts, use the same recipe, but do not add the grapeseed oil.

Morgan typed an adorable label with directions and ingredients, using vellum and decorative paper. Then she tied it with an adorable polka dot bow. How cute is that? If I had seen this sooner, I probably would have made some to give away this Christmas. There's always next year...

Here is the crafty gift-giver and her husband, Glen, good friends of ours. Thanks again Morgan, I love it! I'll let you know when I run out. 

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