Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrap it Up!

Christmas is mere days away. Are your gifts wrapped? Are they wrapped with style? Do you like wrapping presents as much as I do? I think I might like wrapping presents even more than picking out presents. It's packaging people. And you get to make it with your own two hands. And lots of Scotch tape.

This year I went with a simple red and white candy cane wrapping paper. 

I was inspired by some wrapping ideas I saw on Pinterest. I was "Pinspired." I'm going to start using that. Ha! These doilies just look so cute and charming! 

So do these strings and various embellishments. 

I had a giant spool of white cotton string and a few large doilies lying around. Put them together and you have jazzed up gift wrap! 

Write the recipients name on the doily or attach a tag to the string. It's not to late to impress your family and friends with pretty packaging. Presentation is everything. Even if it does end up in the trash in 3.2 seconds. Happy wrapping! Or, feel free to hire me if you'd like me to gift wrap for you!

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