Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Summer Ohlympics

10 Points to the person who can find what's wrong with my super fancy Ohlympics sign. 

You guys. Summer. 

It's the middle of August and it's been HOT around here. We've been playing outside, going to parks, staying inside in the air conditioning (SO thankful for that!), and spending some time with family. We recently made a trip to Pennsylvania for our annual summer visit and took part in our own little OHLYMPICS - see what I did there? 

Poppi set up his world-famous slip and slide in the front yard and the fun began!

Complete with a cushy spectator area, 4-wheel rides and a kiddie pool. 

It was nice just hanging out and visiting with each other. I cannot get over how grown up our nieces are. Slow down, time! 

Marshall enjoyed playing outside, investigating the garage (of course) and riding the big wheels. He's one cool guy!

I wish I took a few more group shots, but sometimes it's better to enjoy the moment and not be snapping photos left and right. Thank you, Laura for this awesome pic of Marshall with his sunglasses!

We got to see the newlyweds, David and Elsa, too!

This photo of the three cutest little cousins, is my favorite. I wanted to recreate the picture we took last summer when Marshall was just 6 months old.

I can not get over the difference ONE YEAR has made and how much they've all grown! Eeeek! This whole time passing thing is surreal. 

I hope you're all enjoying these days of summer. Savor every last bit. I cringe when I see back to school ads appear in July (or earlier) and see hints of fall approaching. Even though it's been ridiculously hot for us lately, I'll still take this over snow in  heartbeat! Get out there and enjoy some sun!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Marshall: 18 Months

And just like that, by baby boy is 1 1/2. 

It is such a joy to watch his personality developing each day. He is funny and sweet and very LOUD. Lately he's been going through a shouting phase. I fear for my hearing. He eats and sleeps well. His smile and his laugh are my absolute favorite! He is very helpful, especially when it's time to Swiffer and vacuum. And SO smart. He knows an understands so much. We like going to the park and playing outside. And listening and dancing to music. He loves his Mommy and Daddy and we love him with all our hearts! 

I hope the next six months slow down a bit because I'm not ready for the infamous two's...