Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You CAN organize

Yes, you CAN organize! Pun intended (he, he). I re-purposed some empty hot chocolate, breadcrumb and peanut canisters into pretty storage containers for my pens, pencils, markers and glue sticks. I simply covered them with scrapbook paper, using a glue stick, then embellished a few with ribbon. Voila! "Who has this many pens?" you ask? The girl who can't resist "a really good pen" or thinks that writing with green ink makes writing more fun...so does purple ink. You also wind up with this many pens when your husband takes 2 or 3 "free" pens from every insurance agency, job fair and church pew. At least now they have a beautiful home.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths

It had been years since I used the sewing machine that my Mom bought me when I was in about 9th grade (thanks Mom!!). So I decided this was the year I was going to join the sewing community and learn how to make real things (besides pillows, which was my limited specialty back in the day. And of course scruncci's) The first project I was inspired to tackle recently were these baby bibs and burp cloths. Lately there are a lot of glowing mom-to-be's that I know, so what better gift than some home-made goodies? I got the idea here, from my first blogging friend's site (thanks Larissa!). She used the adorable pattern found at Chickpea Sewing Studio. They were pretty easy to get the hang of. I used velcro instead of attempting to master snaps just yet. Be sure to wash your fabric first. A stronger cotton fabric for the front works well, and I used white terry cloth for the back. There are so many cute patterns that I could envision making adorable sets with. The burp cloths were about 17 x 9 inches, but you can make them narrower or shorter if you like. I added a thin layer of batting in between the fabric and the terry cloth for the burp cloths. I even got to see one of my bibs in action this weekend at a baby shower. Looks like it's working!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Desk Before & After

My childhood desk sat in our basement for 2 years, with it's 70's style speckle-painted finish (I know it was in style at the time Dad). I had been meaning to repaint it or do something with it. My crafty friend Christy painted an entire dining room set black and it came out beautifully, so I decided to try it. Using a hand sander (which my husband taught me to use) and sand paper, the labor began. This was the least fun part. I purchased black oil based gloss paint from Lowes, along with some charming silver knobs to replace the old gold handles. Once we started painting it black, the excitement started to sink in. Two coats was all it took (it helps to have a husband who is a professional painter). I fell in love with the fabric I used to reupholster the chair from Joann Fabrics. The project definitely took some elbow grease and a few days to let the paint dry completely between coats. But the effort was well worth it! I love how it turned out!

Today's the Day!

Hi! Welcome! This is my FIRST official post, and I am very excited! Since I have benefited from reading so many of you creative people's blogs (such as one of my favorites, this great one, oh and this one) I thought it was time to join the world of blogging and share some of my own experiences and creative accomplishments. I hope this will be a place to share a wide array of interesting happenings, such as favorite recipes, the latest piece I have learned to sew, or some amazing furniture transformations. I am a little overwhelmed at the possibilities, but looking forward to this new wonderful world! Hope you enjoy it too!