Sunday, September 4, 2011

Office/Craft Room Furniture Rearranging

Last Saturday, I got the itch to organize my office/craft room and rearrange the furniture. It's pretty much been the same set-up since we moved in 4 years ago. Unfortunately, the L-shaped desk is a non-movable piece, because it's so large, it has to be in a corner, and that's where all the outlets, cords and internet connection are located. Plan B. Let's see if I can trade spaces with the bed and the sewing desk.  

Success! There was JUST enough room to fit the bed on the wall where the sewing desk used to be. It was a tight fit between the closet door and entrance to the room.

BEFORE - This is where the sewing desk used to be. 

BEFORE - And this is where the bed used to be. 

AFTER - After switching the two, I had room to bring out a tall narrow bookcase that used to be in the closet. Just the storage I need for my craft supplies and sewing goodies. 

I have 6 white photo boxes labeled with various supplies - velcro, brushes, clothespins, glue, etc. Everything is stashed away but easy to access. My organizer cans fit up there too, with pens, pencils, markers and paint brushes. Learn how you can make some handy can organizers here.

I removed the "fake wood" cardboard backing from the back of the bookcase. What a difference! I like being able to see the wall color through the shelves.

It now holds my button jar and milk glass storage vessels.

The room actually feels bigger now. I like the way my workspace looks. It's a little more unified and inviting. It also forced me to clean out the craft closet but there's more work to be done in there. Thankfully it's behind closed doors! 

Doesn't organizing feel good? I like having a place for everything. Especially when it looks nice too.

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