Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You CAN organize

Yes, you CAN organize! Pun intended (he, he). I re-purposed some empty hot chocolate, breadcrumb and peanut canisters into pretty storage containers for my pens, pencils, markers and glue sticks. I simply covered them with scrapbook paper, using a glue stick, then embellished a few with ribbon. Voila! "Who has this many pens?" you ask? The girl who can't resist "a really good pen" or thinks that writing with green ink makes writing more fun...so does purple ink. You also wind up with this many pens when your husband takes 2 or 3 "free" pens from every insurance agency, job fair and church pew. At least now they have a beautiful home.


  1. This has made me give my recyclables a second look! Hmm, some decoupage and a few sheets of scrapbook paper and wah-lah, a fun decorative storage container. Two of my faves: crafting and storage married into a wonderful project! Thanks for the idea!

    Crafty Christy

  2. Love this idea!!!! I have been saving cans and now I know what to do with them!! This is great. I also have a bazillion pens in my house and I too believe that writing in green ink (well...purple in my case) does make writing so much more fun! Love your blog...thanks for visiting mine!!!

  3. Love these ~ so pretty and useful. Sweet place you have here. I have enjoyed my visit!
    Kindly, ldh

  4. did this craft, turned out AWESOME! I agree crafty christy, I've changed my whole outlook on recycled goods at my house now!!! I used those Wegmans soup cans, because they're larger, for scissors and stuff!


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