Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunny Sunflowers

I think sunflowers are my second favorite flower (gerbera daisies are my first). Last weekend I stopped at one of our local farm stands to get some veggies and I couldn't resist taking home a couple stems. September is in full swing, which means summer is sadly on it's way out. These sunny jewels will be gone before long.

I love driving past a sunflower field, stretching toward the sky, top heavy with happy blooms and floppy leaves. They make me want to whip out a pair of scissors and cut myself a big bouquet!  

There's just something about flowers that draws me to them and makes me appreciate creation. A delicate form of beauty. Exquisite. Unique. Colorful. Temporal. They bring me joy. I like looking at them. Especially in my kitchen. How I wish they didn't have an expiration date. 

So pretty I had to take a couple photos. I'm thankful for sunflowers and the sunny days that bring them.

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