Monday, September 5, 2011

Ribbon Organizer

At last! A perfectly easy way to store ribbon spools! I found this inexpensive ribbon organizer tutorial at Spunky Junky via Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest yet? Who isn't. Join the pinning party! 

All you need is a slotted plastic bin like this with holes running down all sides. This one is about 14 inches by 11 inches from Wal-mart. I already had a few of these in my garage, so as soon as I saw this idea, I literally ran the the garage to find one. 

You will also need a 1/4 inch dowel rod. I got one at Lowes for about .63 cents. My husband cut it into three 16-inch sections (I only needed two). 

Slide two dowels through the sides of the basket and add your ribbon spools. The ends of the ribbon stay put in each hole - up to 24 rolls! How smart and convenient is that? I'm so glad I found this ribbon organizing idea. Sure beats having to untangle them all in a box!

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  1. I have one of these! Why didn't I think of this? This is one of those ideas that have you hitting yourself upside the head! Thanks for sharing


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