Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bobby Pins with Buttons

This is a little project I tried the other day, after being inspired by a Pick Your Plum offer. Have you heard of Pick Your Plum? You can sign up to have weekday emails sent to you with discounted craft items and other creative goodies. I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but I like some of the things I've seen. 

This was the email photo that sparked the light bulb in my mind to try making some embellished bobby pins myself. A cute inexpensive craft. 

I got some booby pins, large and small, at the Dollar Tree. 

Fished out some small colorful buttons from my button jar

I traced the button onto black felt and cut it out. 

I stitched the tiny felt circle onto the closed end of the bobby pin with black thread. I sewed around and around a few times, but it kept sliding...

To help the felt circle stay put, I glued it with a dot of hot glue. That's my yellow hot glue gun from 3D design class in college - with my name on it in black Sharpie. 

I glued the button on top of the felt circle with another dot of hot glue and pressed it down.

I made 5 different colors to send to my niece Sydney for her birthday. She just started kindergarten! I hope she likes wearing them. (I also hope the buttons don't fall off!).

I assembled them on a piece of white card stock wrapped with some string, similar to the Pick Your Plum photo. What a cute little gift!

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