Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smart Phone Fabric Case

I finally tackled sewing a smart phone fabric case for my friend Kimi. She has a Droid X, so I looked up the dimensions online. My goal was to make a fabric case much like my Kindle case. However, it was really a little challenging without the actual phone in my hand to use as a guide. That meant I had to rely on my math and measuring skills. We all know how that story ends. Third time's a charm, right?

I admit, it did take me three attempts. The first case was way too thin and I didn't even bother finishing it. The second case came out much better, but coincidentally it fit my phone. It may or may not fit Kimi's phone. I am confident that the third case will be a perfect fit. Hopefully one of these two cases will fit the Droid X. If not, it's back to the sewing room!

I ended up using two strips of fabric that measured 16 inches by 4.5 inches, and one strip of cotton batting the same size. Like my paper Droid? 

For the second one, I made a button enclosure with a black hair elastic hook. This one is my favorite! 

On the last one, I sewed a velcro enclosure. 

I think they're pretty cute. I hope you like them Kimi! It was a labor of love. My new amber glass was great motivation :)  

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