Monday, August 22, 2011

Carried Away

Bath & Body Works somehow manages to constantly re-design their packaging, both structurally and aesthetically, what seems like every season. Each new design and campaign trumping the last. And they're working with the same basic product line - lotion, body spray, shower gel, soaps/sanitizers and home fragrances. And some makeup. New varieties and classic favorites, along with new ways to enjoy those scents, keep customers coming back time and time again. Myself included. 

My love of Bath & Body works started in 7th and 8th grade. At the time (circa 1995), Sun Ripened Raspberry, Fresia and Peach Nectar were the must-have scents. I remember getting a bottle of Peach Nectar body spray as a gift. I think I had it for the next 10 years. I can still remember the very sweet fragrance. 

Without fail, B&B would launch a new "look" for both old and new scents. Which meant you had to hurry up and finish the bottles you had at home so you could buy the new bottles. Marketing genius. To this day, every time I walk into one of their stores, I'm overtaken by beautiful aromas and find myself admiring the latest labels. It would be interesting to see an evolution of B&B, especially a scent that has been around the longest and how many looks it's worn. I would love to design for them. Pretty and stunning. Clean and elegant. Fresh and modern. Even the caps have come a long way.
This summer I have been obsessed with, or "carried away" (tee hee), by Carried Away. I used a free coupon to try a mini bottle of shower gel and was hooked. The next time there was a big sale (there's always a big sale) I got a lotion, shower gel and eau de toilette. Love all of them. Especially the eau de toilette. It's such a light sweet fragrance for summer. The description reads, "Master perfumers have blended lush raspberries and juicy pear nectar with white jasmine and whipped vanilla to create this whimsical fragrance inspired by the way love sweeps you off your feet." Well done master perfumers. Maybe it's a little on the sweet side for some, but I can't get enough of it. Country Chic is a good one too.
This past Christmas I couldn't get enough of their holiday traditions Winter Candy Apple. Apparently neither could anyone else. They couldn't keep this stuff on the shelves. I stocked up on a couple bottles since I knew it would be a "limited edition." 

Which brings me to the fact that I can be a sucker for their sales. It takes a little restraint for me to walk in there and not make a purchase. It's my own fault because I'm on their email list. Which means multiple times a week I'm bombarded with images like the one above. For a Bath & Body Works lovin' gal like me, it's just plain dangerous. But I only fall for the REALLY BIG sales, and usually have to have a coupon - of course. Once, maybe twice a year I'll take advantage of their buy 3 get 3 deal WITH a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon. In theory, I can get $60 worth of product for $20. That's how I roll. If I stick to my limits. And they always make great gifts.
I also fell in love with their wallflowers, specifically the Eucalyptus Spearmint stress relief. This. Stuff. Smells. SO. GOOD. I have a bottle of their home fragrance oil that I plan on using for a project at some point, but whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I give it a sniff and it takes me to a relaxing spa for a brief moment if I close my eyes. You know you do that sometimes too. 
Then there's my classic favorites like Sweet Pea, Pearberry, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Country Apple. Like old friends. Is it weird to like lotion and body spray so much? I am a very scent-oriented person. I like to smell good. Not that I smell bad. I digress. I've always loved perfumes and pretty scents. And I know I'm not alone, or else Bath & Body Works wouldn't be able to charge $10.50 for one bottle of lotion. They certainly know what they're doing. And they do it well. 

Anyone else have some B&B favorites they can't live without? Anyone else as mad as I am that they discontinued Peony Petal? Feel free to share a little B&B love.

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