Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seneca Park Zoo

My work summer picnic was at the Seneca Park Zoo this year. It was a beautiful afternoon for waking around and admiring the animals. I brought my camera to capture some wildlife. 

After lunch with my coworkers, we participated in a zoo scavenger hunt, looking for and learning unique facts about the animals. Nicole (on the left) did most of the scavenger hunt work while I snapped photos. Kristy brought her son, Cameron, who is getting so big. What a cutie!

I really like seeing the rhinoceros. I think it's because they're so big and unique. They're all dusty and thick-skinned. And those horns.  

Funny story about this pink flamingo-type bird. We were in the bird room where they walk around freely, and there were some kids in there with us. This particular bird was eating some lunch when he (or she) spotted a teeny tiny mouse that ran out from the rocks. He was eyeing it, about to attack, when a little girl shouted, "DON'T DO IT!" And the mouse ran back into the rocks. It was pretty funny. I was thinking the same thing. Don't eat it! 

These old tortoise are fascinating. Look at those scaly legs. He was moving pretty fast. 

An albino python. This thing is HUGE in person. Yikes.

Talented seals and a sleepy polar bear.

Pretty flowers. 

Pretty cats. I would love to pet one of these. They look so soft and cudly. And ferocious. Could you imagine having one as a house pet? I would need a bigger litter box. For sure. 

I really love looking at all the different animals. But at the same time, I can't help but feel sad for them. Caged and kept in smaller spaces then they were created for. I know some of them were rescued and are cared for in ways they otherwise would not have survived in the wild after injury. They are fed and given medical attention. All they have do is lounge around and enjoy life. No predators. No food to hunt. Yet, I still can't help but wonder if they wish they were free. Roaming around in their natural habitat, doing what they were designed to do. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I'm glad these animals have a safe place to live and that we have the privilege of seeing them up close and learning more about them.

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