Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coo Coo for Coupons

Once in a while, a coupon comes along that’s just too good not to use. This week, thanks to my friend Bethany, I stumbled upon a jackpot of a coupon. Pier 1 was offering a printable coupon on their website for $10 off a $10 purchase. A crazy good deal! If I could find something for $10 it would basically be free! Holla! I printed out a bunch of coups for my co-workers, my Mom, my sister and myself. Gotta share the wealth! The thing was, we only had two days to use them and the fine print specified one coupon per person per visit. The bargain hunting wheels in my head starting turning. There is a Pier 1 near my work and a Pier 1 near my house. There’s no reason I couldn’t shop at both, right?  I also wanted to help my sister pick something out. Long story short, I hit up 2 different Pier 1’s, twice a day, two days in a row. Does that certify me as a coupon nut? I prefer to think of it as being thrifty! I ended up with three new treasures for next to nothing.

Deal #1: a large heavy silver tray with faux leather handles, originally priced $44 (who would actually pay full price?), marked down to $11.18, minus $10 coupon, drumroll please….I paid a whopping $1.27. That’s right, a buck and some change for a beautiful silver tray! I walked out of the store on a major shopping high. This tray will come in handy and be a decorative piece in our home.

Deal #2: a large glass storage jar with a lid and chalk label (I love these), originally $14, minus $10 coupon, I paid $4.32. What a steal! We’re currently using it to stash our cork collection until I find the right craft for them. Yes, we like wine.

Deal #3: the matching small glass storage jar with a lid and chalk label area (so cute!), originally $10, minus $10 coupon  = FREE! They were giving stuff away! Literally. This time, I kinda felt like I stole something, because I didn’t even have to pay tax. I kept expecting someone to stop me at the door and say, “Not so fast crazy coupon lady.”  But it didn’t happen. I’m using this one for my button collection.

That’s the story of how I scored $35 worth of cool stuff for $5.59. Shop with me and you’ll go far. Thank you Pier 1. And thank you Bethany for sharing such an awesome coupon!

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  1. Yay! 1. Love that you use the word "Holla" (lets try to bring it back, i love using it!) 2. Way to score awesome deals! 3.You should make a large O out of the corks, like they have on pintrest! :)



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