Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking Like Fall

October? When did that happen? It definitely looks and feels like fall, here in upstate New York. I have accepted it. Reluctantly. Summer is gone . We had a few lingering warm days. Now that unmistakable chill is in the air. I do like certain parts about Autumn. The spectrum of changing leaves. When they are still on the trees though. Not covering my lawn. I like bright orange pumpkins and cute little gourds. I love hot apple cider and any muffin or dessert with the words "pumpkin spice." I like bundling up in sweaters, wearing a scarf, and getting out the boots that have been gathering dust in my closet. I don't mind the cooler temperatures, to an extent. But without fail, fall leads way to winter. It's like a bad trick. But, I am embracing it. By adding some fall touches within my home. 

I realized that my beloved console table would be the perfect spot to showcase seasonal decor. I  remembered the stash of fall decorations I picked up on CLEARANCE at the end of last year. I forgot about the crazy deals I got. A whole box (8 total) of these adorable shimmery mini pumpkins were at Walmart for something like .75 cents. Win! I scattered them around with some of my favorite thrift store pieces. The orange pedestal is perfect for fall.

I also got a string of fall leaf garland for about .25 cents. They were practically giving this stuff away. I'm trying it out with my window treatment.

This pedestal with acorn wreath and mosaic candle hurricane was purchased a few years ago, also from Walmart, on clearance for $10. It's one of my favorite pieces. I placed it on top of a leafy place mat, which now sits on my FREE plaid table runner, that I got from a giveaway at work. I added a couple of those shimmery little pumpkins, and I have a beautiful centerpiece.

This fall wreath is from, you guessed it, Walmart, again. I think it was $2. Two. Dollars. People. I couldn't not buy it. I'm using it on my kitchen table, instead of hanging it on the wall. I placed a candle in the middle and cut a piece of burlap for a runner. I love how it looks!

Outside, our mums are in bloom. I love their color. I just need to figure out how to keep them from flopping over. They get so heavy.

There you have it. I have fallified my home. And the moral of the story is, shop the CLEARANCE aisle at Walmart AFTER Thanksgiving. You can get a whole stock of decorations for c-h-e-a-p. Then next year, it will be like an early Christmas when you open your new decorations that only cost you $3!

You should also shop the clearance aisle after Christmas and New Years. I'm pretty sure there are some hidden treasures in my closet waiting for December to roll around. But for now, I'm going to enjoy Autumn as long as possible.

This guy doesn't like it when I go outside and he can't come. Look at that sad kitty face. Is it weird that I Photoshop my cat's imperfections? Like removing the crusties from his eyes. I'm sure the answer is yes. But I think Chancho appreciates it.

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