Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thrifty Thrift Store Find of the Century

Today was my lucky day. By lucky day, I mean the 1/2 off sticker this week at Goodwill was pink! Do you know what that means? That means that the new-in-the-box, console table, from TARGET, that I have been stalking at Goodwill, for the past FOUR WEEKS, was FINALLY 1/2 off! My wonderful hubby agreed to go check it out with me. I, however, already knew everything about it was perfect and that it would look perfect in our house. Week after week, I kept calling to see if it was on sale. And alas, week after week, it was not. Does this qualify me as a deal shopping junkie? Call me what you will. But are you aware that each week, Goodwill selects a different color price tag to be 1/2 off? Pretty good deal. Especially when it comes to furniture. And furniture from Target! Come on people, I would have to be loco to let this one pass me by. So, what does this glorious piece of home decor look like?

Simple lines, dark wood, cute little drawer and a shelf underneath. It's love. Is it wrong to be this excited about a piece of furniture? Does anyone else share my excitement over a find like this?

I know you are all waiting for the price. Drum roll please... this console table is sold out at, however, similar styles retail for $159.99. Who would pay that? Not me. What was Goodwill selling it for? $69.99. I still wouldn't pay that. So, at 1/2 off, I got to bring it home for $37.79 (including tax)!! Can you hear the blue light special bells and buzzers going off in my head? That's how I felt. I couldn't wait to get it into my cart and take it home before someone else scooped it up!

There was only one downside to this story. Yes, I know you knew it was too good to be true. Once we got it home and took all the pieces out of the box, we learned that none of the hardware was included. No screws, washers, not even the drawer knob. Bummer! So I made a trip to Lowes (which is sadly starting to feel like a second home, due to the number of trips we take there on a weekly basis while working on our bathroom), and purchased $8 worth of hardware to put the thing together. Which brought the total cost of the piece up to $45.60. Still a fantastic deal! 

Here is how it looks in our home. What do you think? I am still thinking about how I want to arrange and decorate it. The hanging floral arrangement was already on the wall. I may need to re-think that. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Katie Bower (she cracks me up AND has great style).

I love it. This is what I call a God thing. In everything give thanks! I'll be sharing more thrifty thrift store finds soon. Such as the white pedestal goblet on the left...


  1. That is definitely an incredible find!! I love it. I didn't know Goodwill had those 1/2 off weeks. Is it every week, all week? I'm a Salvation Army girl, because that's what's in our town.

    What about one of those cool cubby things everyone is putting up? Or a mirror? Or a beautiful chalkboard?

  2. I love it! What a great find :) It looks like you have applied The Bower Power styling principles (was it 70/30?)...and it looks like we need another shopping trip soon! :)

    Crafty Christy


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