Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Thrifty Finds

Here are some vintage items I have picked up over the past few months. I have figured out which second hand stores have the good stuff and which ones do not. The Goodwill usually has a nice selection and very clean stores. There is also an AMVETS second hand store in my area that has a lot of household items, which is what I look for. Isn't this blue teapot cute? I just love the color.


I still love milk glass. This candy dish with lid has a grape vine design.  I like how detailed and delicate it is.

This heavy silver charger/platter has a "Made in Italy" inscription on the bottom. It was in great condition and I think it was only $4.


Here is another silver tray that was only $2.99. I like it's rounded square shape. I am currently displaying it on my kitchen shelf arrangement with china and glassware. 

In the other corner of my red kitchen are some more vintage finds. Neighbors actually put this adorable little 3-tiered wooden side table at the curb! I almost thought they were going to come running out of the house shouting "Just kidding! You can't have that!" because there really wasn't anything wrong with it, except some "character" to the wood on the top.

It's the perfect piece to hold the milk glass ruffled bowls my Aunt gave me. I keep some cookbooks on the bottom shelf.


I could not pass up this green dimpled glass pitcher for $4.99. 

A milk glass goblet-style compote. I just love the scalloped edges and star pattern.


This bright orange pedestal plate was $5 at Salvation Army. I got it solely for the impact of color it would bring to my decor. This photo does not capture it's rich orange pigment.

Here is a look at the top section of the glass shelf nook in our living and dining area. (It is backed with mirrors, so that's why you can see the ceiling fan in the background) I have arranged it almost completely with vintage finds. I love colored glass, and have a small collection of goblets. The milk glass vase and pitcher were gifts from my Mom, and I found the little square bowl/ashtray at Goodwill. I have been building my collection of old hardcover books. I've been finding some good ones lately. The pear was picked up at The Christmas Tree Shop a while ago. I had a couple of blue glass wine bottles. And I added a framed picture in the back to balance it out. 


I saved the best for last. This set of 3 stackable milk glass footed compotes are my favorite! There's even a story. If you remember, back when I posted I Heart Milk Glass, I found the medium size one at  Rices Sale & Country Market in New Hope, Pennsylvania. It became my favorite piece of all. THEN, while browsing the AMVETS store, I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a larger version of my favorite piece, for $6. They clearly were a pair, meant to be reunited. Now I had not one but two favorite pieces. Then my psychotic beloved cats BROKE the original first piece, by knocking it off the console table. That was NOT a good sight to come home to. I was livid mad to say the least. Where on earth was I going to find another one? It was crazy enough that I even found the second one.

In comes to the rescue! I did a little searching, and quickly found Yesterday's Memories 09, a seller with a great selection of vintage items, especially milk glass. Not only did she have the piece I was looking for, I discovered a THIRD piece that completes the trio! THREE! How cute is that little one? (Photo below from Yesterday's Memories 09)

There you have it. Some of my best thrift store and other finds (including other people's trash!). These are the little things that make me smile. 


  1. I love your Thift store finds! You have opened my eyes to the potential contained in each store. Any tips for searching the stores for a great find? Do you go in looking for something specific or just pop in regularly to see what is new? Love the new items!


  2. Sarah! I think i just spent 40 min looking at your blog! i love it, you are so creative ;-) all of your art professors would be very proud of you..especially Geebster ;D
    I'm sure i'll see ya soon!
    Christina Ford


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