Monday, September 27, 2010

First Blogiversary!

It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for a whole year! Sohl Design turns one today. I feel like a proud parent. I discovered the land of blogs sometime last summer, when I was looking for sewing patterns and craft ideas online. I was introduced to "a whole new world" (feel free to sing along...) of crafters, designers, antique collectors, home decorators, cooks, fashionistas, foodies, moms and people I could relate to, sharing their talents, lives, struggles and joys. My daily blog list grew and grew. As many of you know, one blog leads to another. And another. Each one interesting and inspiring. People with DIY projects, life experiences and honest and useful information. It was eye-opening. And addicting. I caught the blog bug. So I decided to start one of my own.

And thus, Sohl Design was born. A combination of my name, Sarah Ohl and my profession, graphic design. But also a play on "soul," in the sense that my soul belongs to the Greatest Designer of All, Jesus Christ. He gets all the credit for any gifts and talents He has given me. I get so much joy out of making things, capturing the beauty in this world, re-purposing old stuff, and being creative.

What's amazing to me, is that people out there, you reading this, are interested in what I'm up to and are incredibly supportive. I can't thank you enough for "following" and leaving such wonderful comments. Just when I think no cares or this is just a silly little hobby, one of you will make my day. Weather you tell me in person, or take the time to write a comment, it means more than you know. Thank you for making this first year of blogging a great one!

It started with my first ever furniture project, refinishing my childhood desk. I shared my tote bag and baby bib making obsession. I was featured on Someday Crafts, for my foam core wall letters. Which I was completely ecstatic about! I shared my trip to Arizona with you. Some good recipes, like vegetarian lasagna. Our HUGE bathroom remodel. A little bit about my husband and our home. And many projects and random information in between. 102 posts to be exact. I can't believe it's that many! Wow.

I plan on keeping Sohl Design going strong, so stay tuned for year numero dos. I hope to keep posting at least once a week. But don't hold me to it. I may post more. You'll just have to keep following to find out! I have a pretty good idea that many of you check my blog, but are not official "followers." That's OK. I am so blessed and amazed to have 26 followers! But, I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty exciting each time someone new is added. However, if "following" is too much of a commitment, you do not have to be a follower or have a google account to post a comment. Just select "anonymous" from the comment box drop down menu. In other words, don't keep your comments to yourself (well, the nice ones that is). I'd love to hear what you think, your suggestions and questions. So bring it on! It will make me feel like we're growing closer in our blog relationship :-)


  1. Happy 1 year Blogaversary! I love your posts, projects and the window into your life. You are creative and inspiring! Please keep posting and post frequently :) Your faithful followers insist!


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Even though I may not show up as an "official" follower, you can add me to your list. After your mother-in-law (and my wonderful sister-in-law) told us about your blog and bathroom redesign, I subscribed to your posts, and have been enjoying reading them ever since. I love it when an entry from Sohl Design shows up in my newsreader! Great job on sharing all your talents and inspiring others. Happy Blogaversary!

    Love to you and Andrew,

  3. Happy blogawhatnot!
    I am so glad that you have found an outlet to share your creativity and thoughts with the WORLD! I am so proud of you and grateful for the wonderful home that you have created and I am also glad that every couple months I get to help u move or re arrange something! You are an amazing artist, cook, sewing person, decoupager (sp), blogger, wife and friend! You have been blessed with so many gifts and I am so fortunate to be able to a small part and watch u work! I wish you a happy blog 1 year thing and look forward to what you will come up with in the next year! I love you very much!

    Your Husband and Loyal Follower

    P.S. I love when you blog on Sunday afternoons during Eagles games! You are the best!


Thank you!