Sunday, October 17, 2010

ABC...Easy as 123

Time for a little wall art transformation. Christy asked for my help with a fun project for Maddie's room. She found this adorable ABC wall piece at Marshall's, marked down to $10! It even has birdies on it, which goes with her theme. She just wasn't sold on the color. I wasn't sure that it would match either, but being the spray-painting sista's that we are, we knew we could change it.

It was more of a lilac-purplish-pink with black lettering and white accents. Christy was envisioning it painted white with pink lettering. The graphics are carved into the sign, so re-painting them wouldn't be too difficult, because you would still see the impression. We were, however, wondering what exactly the extra black plumes under the bird's tail feathers were... not sure.

I spray painted the entire thing with about 4-5 thin coats of RUST-OLEUM American Accents smooth satin finish, in blossom white. Once it had dried and the previous colors were no longer showing through, I set to work carefully drawing in the letters and borders.

I used a medium tip pink Elmer's Painter's Pen. They have a round tip that flows liquid paint, based on pressure. Perfect for this job. You can purchase them individually or in multi-packs from any craft store.

I outlined everything in pink twice. The first coat was a little thin. I did not color in the birds because I wasn't sure how it would look and the pen was a little thick for tiny details. So I left them white. It came out better than I thought it would!

I'm glad Christy likes it too! 
Photo courtesy of Brette-Ashley
Now it has a home above Maddie's crib. I couldn't be more thrilled! Isn't her room adorable? I love the fact that Christy's Mom made the crib skirt and bumper. What a beautiful gift.

Photo courtesy of Christy
The ABC sign hangs alongside three canvases that Christy made, using matching fabric from the crib bedding, that she cut into birds and branches. How cute is that?! 

Photo courtesy of Christy
I like the birdhouse mobile and birdies scattered throughout the room.

Photo courtesy of Christy
Maddie, your "crib" is all ready and waiting for you!

Photo courtesy of Christy
I hope you enjoy your room as much as I enjoyed being able to help decorate it with your Mom!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of your help! So much of that room was inspired by your creativity and a fun shopping trip :) I love every detail and am excited for Maddie to see it too!

    Love you!


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