Sunday, September 27, 2009

Desk Before & After

My childhood desk sat in our basement for 2 years, with it's 70's style speckle-painted finish (I know it was in style at the time Dad). I had been meaning to repaint it or do something with it. My crafty friend Christy painted an entire dining room set black and it came out beautifully, so I decided to try it. Using a hand sander (which my husband taught me to use) and sand paper, the labor began. This was the least fun part. I purchased black oil based gloss paint from Lowes, along with some charming silver knobs to replace the old gold handles. Once we started painting it black, the excitement started to sink in. Two coats was all it took (it helps to have a husband who is a professional painter). I fell in love with the fabric I used to reupholster the chair from Joann Fabrics. The project definitely took some elbow grease and a few days to let the paint dry completely between coats. But the effort was well worth it! I love how it turned out!


  1. You inspire me to craft! I love this desk and chair set...very chic!

    Crafty Christy

  2. What a transformation! Your desk looks great, I love the black!


Thank you!