Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer's End at Seabreeze

What better way to spend one of the last Friday's of summer, than at Seabreeze? This local amusement park has been around for over 130 years. I have many memories of going there when I was a little kid. And a big kid. Most of the rides are still there. New rides have been added and replaced others. The water park has expanded. It really is a great place for families. As long as you can get past the type of thoughts and questions that pop into my mind. Things like, "That person should not be wearing that swim suit" or "Why isn't that guy wearing a shirt?" or "Someone really likes their funnel cake." Anyone else have this problem?

My Mom, sister, niece, nephew and I really had a great time.

The water was exceptionally cold when I dipped my toes in!

My ride-loving-blue-eyed-9-year-old niece, Emma.

My 14-year-old-could-be-my-little-brother, nephew, Elijah.

Hanging out with their Nana.

I love rides. We started out with a mild one, the swings.

Then on to the Sea Dragon.

A newer ride, the Music Express, quickly became my favorite. At first glance, it looks like regular 'ol carts going in a circle. But don't be fooled. It goes backward, then forward, faster than you would believe, set to music. So fast, skinny little Emma was practically sideways, hanging on to the railing, like a cartoon character. It was so fun, I couldn't stop laughing the entire time! We had to go on twice.

On to bigger things, like the Whirl Wind roller coaster. My nephew insisted we sit in the back, which meant we would be facing backward for most of the ride. Not being able to foresee the twists and turns was a little intense. It certainly whipped me (and my neck) around.

The Revolution 360 is new to the park this year. I had never seen anything like it. A rotating disk on a half pipe track. Passengers sit on a bicycle-style seats, going round and round through the air while spanning up both sides of the track. It was pretty cool!

I even went on the upside-down-feet-dangling-in-the-air Screaming Eagle. Talk about faith. I was holding onto that harness for dear life!

A little time in the arcade. I inherited my love of skee ball from my Mom. That game never gets old. We love it!

A spin around the carousel.

A bothersome bee, looking picturesque on a marigold.

A trip on the train with my niece. This photo reminds me of another photo...

A photo taken on that same train, over 20 years ago! This is my Dad and I, riding that train, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. That's me! Look at those windshield glasses, Dad. Classic. We're still not sure if that's my Mom's hair blowing in the wind in front of us. How ironic is that though? Great memories then and now.

Should I bring back the hair parted down the middle with braids?

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  1. Awe I loved Seabreeze back in the day! Good times...You are so cute in that old school photo! More pics, more posts please!

    - Christy


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