Monday, September 6, 2010

LG Ally 3G Android-Powered Smart Phone

I am officially a smart phone user. I wasn't even planning on being one. But now I am, thanks to my technologically savvy husband. It's day 4 since we both got the Ally (Verizon network, buy one get one free) and I love it. In the words of Kip, from Napoleon Dynamite, "Yes, I love technology...."

Having never used a smart phone before, I am blown away by it's capabilities. Since I have a Gmail account, it syncs my email and imports my existing contacts. I can send and receive text messages,  like other phones, but I can also "talk" with my husband and other Gmail chat users. Basically phone instant message.

I have never had a full keyboard like this. It. Is. Awesome. I feel like I have a mini computer right in my hands. Then I started looking at applications. There is literally one for everything. I know I am not even using this to it's fullest capacity, there is just so much this phone can do. I'm pretty sure it's smarter than me. You can get directions via Google maps and it's internal GPS navigation. Now I''ll never have an excuse for getting lost. I can check Facebook (of course). I downloaded a Bible application with daily readings. I downloaded a piano, and I can play the actual notes with piano keys on my screen. I downloaded a Hello Kitty puzzle. I even tried a whoppie cushion app. Might come in handy. (Don't worry, I deleted it) That's how ridiculous this thing is!

It has a 3 mega pixel camera, and records video. Did I mention the Google voice recognition search? I almost fell off my chair when I tried it. I said out loud "New York State Fair," and then Google brought me to the websites that list the New York State Fair. I spoke a search, I didn't type anything in. Amazing. It is so intuitive. I am still learning how navigate the menus and touch screen. It is a huge change from my little flip phone that could only make phone calls and send texts. The funny thing is, I haven't really made any phone calls with it! I've been preoccupied with all the other things it can do.

I am amazed by this little thing. I hope the "new" doesn't wear off and it really is as good as it seems. I even got this cool red metallic gel case. Can't risk dropping this one! I feel like I'm part of the "smart phone club" now. How does anyone get any work done with one if these?


  1. Have you tried this one??

    You can scan your keytags (like Wegs, Library card etc) into your phone and then just have the store scan your phone so you don't have to carry all the tags around. Crazy huh?


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