Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm back! I have been out of the blogosphere loop and I'm so far behind on my summer blogging. It has been a busy, jam-packed, fun-filled couple of months. I feel like I was just rounding the corner into August and now here I am, 4 days in to September (gasp). I've got lots to share, and hopefully I'll get caught up (eventually).

For a lot of people, this week is  "back to school" for both students and teachers. As I was looking ahead at my September calender, and looking back on June, July and August, I took inventory of how much I have to be thankful for. It really has been a great summer! The above photo was taken this past weekend at Pat and Katie's wedding in New Hampshire. We had an amazing time celebrating with them and it was the perfect end-of-summer mini vacation. 

Before I dive into full recap mode and sort through the hundreds of photos I've been taking (literally), here's a little overview, in random order.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation:
  • 3 Road Trips 
  • 5 States (NY, PA, NJ, MA, NH)
  • 2 Weddings (soon to be 3)
  • 1 Trip to the Police Department while in PA (to verify a fixed headlight and avoid a ticket) 
  • 5 Wedding Invitation Designs
  • 1 Diana Krall Jazz Festival Concert
  • 4 Beaches (Beach Haven, Hamlin Beach, Canandaigua Lake, Lake Ontario)
  • Seven Year Wedding Anniversary
  • 8 Birthdays (we possibly almost forgot one)
  • One Year Anniversary of Coffee, Crafts & Conversation (A.K.A. Triple C)
  • 2 Arizona Family Visitors (Uncle Bob in July, my Mom in August)
  • 50th High School Reunion (I accompanied my Mom to her alma mater) 
  • 30th Birthday Party for my dear Ohl Husband
  • 2 Man vs. Food Restaurants (The Chicken or the Egg, Mother's Cupboard) 
  • First Iron Pigs Baseball Game
  • 1 Television Appearance (thanks to Tony & Kristy's Backyard BBQ with News 8)
  • Many, many ice cream cones
That about sums it up. Although I'm fairly certain I'm forgetting something! If you're wondering where I've been and what I've been up to, see above list. It's been wonderful and crazy and busy and beautiful. I just might need a vacation after my summer vacation! I'm almost glad to welcome in autumn. Almost.

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