Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7th Anniversary Weekend Recap

I'm finding it hard to believe that today is the LAST day of July. That means there's ONE month of summer left people! I literally feel like I blinked, and it was the 4th of July, and now we're entering August. How is that possible? Dear Time, please slow down. Thank you. 

Before August is in full swing, I want to catch up a little bit, and share our 7th anniversary weekend. Forget summer flying by, how is it possible that we've been MARRIED for SEVEN years? Andrew and I took a couple days off from work to celebrate our wedded "bliss". He planned some day-trip destinations and outdoor adventures for our stay-cation.

Starting with brunch at one of our favorite spots, Simply Crepes, in Canandaigua.

Then we drove to Canandaigua Lake to enjoy the beach. 

Later on, we drove to Grimes Glen in nearby Naples. More to come on that in another post.

The next day, we biked along the scenic Eerie Canal, from Spencerport to Brockport. 

It ended up being 18 MILES! Yeah. I need to work up to something like that next time. Note to self: Find out how far destination is before embarking on a long bike ride in the heat of the day. But I did it! Barely. Andrew had no trouble, since he's a professional rider now. There's no way I would have been able to do that on my own. We stopped in town to refuel with some pizza (and water) before making the ride back.

The sky was beautiful when we returned and there was a big band concert playing in the gazebo.

On our official anniversary (July 9th), Andrew made me a delicious breakfast! I could get used to this.

That evening, we dined at Bazil's Italian Restaurant, overlooking Irondequoit Bay. My handsome date and a fruity drink - what more could I ask for?  

We ended up having a really fun long weekend, complete with sunny skies, nature, adventure, fine dining and best of all, time together to take a "time out" from our daily routine and enjoy summer. It wasn't without it's "moments", such as disagreeing over how to operate the GPS (I admit to being technologically challenged at times), when and where to eat lunch, and me questioning how much farther do we have to ride? But at the end of every day, we still love each other more than the day before, and are so thankful to be on this journey together. Our journey.


  1. "Yes, I love technology..."
    Glad to see you wearing a helmet little lady! Now you just need sportier glasses!

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