Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jersey Shore, Long Beach Island

In July, (on my MIL Marilyn's birthday) we loaded up our vehicles and drove from PA to the Jersey Shore. It was my first trip to the shore and it was a gorgeous day! We went to Beach Haven on Long Beach Island. No Snooki sightings, unfortunately.

Long Beach Island is approximately 18 miles in length and about a half mile wide. Skinny little thing. I liked seeing it depicted on the GPS. Our car was practically in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! 

We found a good spot (out of tides way) and set up camp. 9 people, 2 umbrellas that wanted to fly away, chairs, coolers, towels and of course toys for making sand castles. 

Andrew and David couldn't wait to use their old skim boards. There were only a few injuries that day...

Look at that form! Such grace. 

We loved hanging out with these cutie pies. They are growing up so fast!
Rockin' our sunglasses.

After our day on the beach, we headed to the one and only The Chicken Or The Egg. Andrew's family has been going there for years, even before the restaurant was featured on Man vs. Food. I was excited to see what the place was all about. 

We feasted on none other than chicken wings, in various delicious sauces. Yum! We did not take the ludicrous challenge though. We wanted to keep our taste buds. It was a fun little place.

Now I can say I've been to the Jersey Shore - and loved it. I need to work on my GTL (gym, tan, laundry) a little more next time to really fit in.

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  1. I used to go to Long Beach Island all the time as a kid, so much fun to see. Erin Lineman


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