Sunday, September 9, 2012

Take Me Out To the Ballgame: IronPigs

While we were in PA, we went to a minor league baseball game - my first time seeing the IronPigs play! It was the July 27th game, which was a double header due to inclement weather the day before, and it promised fireworks at the end. 

However, when we arrived (in hopes of seeing the second game), the weather didn't look too promising. There ended up being a rain delay, which meant an even later start time. But we were all there, ready and waiting to see the IronPigs! We located our seats and checked out the food and souvenir vendors while we waited for game time and tried to stay dry. 

Pretty soon the game was underway. 

Sydney got a stylish IronPigs hat and Morgan got an IronPigs stuffed animal she named "Bubba." 

We got lots of soft pretzel sticks. 

The first game soon led into the second game, which we simply had to stay and watch because there was no way we were going home without seeing the fireworks (we may have been more excited about those than the game). But they won! Whoo hoo! And we got coupons when we left. Double win.

The Ohl Men, chillin'. David (center) wearing his newly "won" t-shirt that he caught, out of the reach of a kid behind us. Gotta be faster! 

I even got to meet IronPig, "Ferrous" AND got his autograph. I love mascots - they crack me up! This guy was an interesting shade of swamp green. And hairy. I can't let my buddy Spikes see this photo.  

The game stretched on into midnight, and we couldn't believe we were all still awake! And we had a wedding to go to the next day. Here I am, checking the time on my phone and instagraming. Who doesn't love instagram? 

The fireworks were really great and worth staying for. It was a very fun evening, especially because that was the first time we all got to go to a baseball game together, as a family. And by the time we headed home it was 1 in the morning. Us Ohl's are party animals!


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