Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Andrew and I piled our bags into the car and headed to Pennsylvania for a nice long weekend, filled with family, good food, relaxing, time in Philadelphia, a night on the town and even a little shopping. My heart is thankful for each person, home, place and blessing I experienced. God is so good. 

Here's a brief recap of the fun we had. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving at cousin Karen's house with extended family that I had never met until now. Such a warm, welcoming and fun group. What a blessing to be surrounded by even more family. The food was amazing. Both dinner and second dinner, after going for a brisk evening walk. There was even a craft for the kids - and kids at heart. We won't talk about a certain misfit turkey that looked different from the rest...or the fact that someone used all the feathers...

Can I just point out how handsome my husband, Andrew, and his brother, David, are? I love when they get to see each other. 

David took us to see the studio where he works in Philadelphia. What a beautiful view of the city! Not only is my bro-in-law good looking, he's a talented photographer too. 

He even got these two to smile for the camera. My in-laws really are the sweetest people you'll ever meet. 

I got to see the newest Wegmans, in Montgomery, PA. Such a big beautiful brand spanking new store. Wow. It's exciting to see Wegmans brand packages that I designed on display, in other states, for new customers to take home and enjoy. 

We got to visit the one and only, Nanna, and share a pizza, by her request. She was in good spirits and had many stories to tell - many of which were quite ridiculous funny, to say the least. I usually have to turn up my LOUD VOICE so she can hear me. She always laughs that signature laugh of hers. I'm glad we go to see her. 

Among one of the many delicious meals we had, we ate lunch at the Fitzwater Cafe. Dined at a fantastic Tex-Mex restaurant. And had breakfast at my favorite little place, The Local, before we left. There was definitely a lot of food involved in this weekend. We got to enjoy one another's company and catch up at a variety of tables and settings. It was so very nice.

And, we spent quite a bit of time in the car. It felt like we drove all over eastern Pennsylvania. I'm so thankful the winter storm they were calling for didn't show up. 

Our drive back home ended up taking 7 hours instead of 5, as apparently everyone was driving back to wherever they had to go at the same time on Sunday afternoon. Ugh. 

We made it back with David in tow, just in time to see the Vampire Weekend concert. What a fun band with such a unique sound. They were as good, if not better than their recorded music. It was a great way to conclude a busy fun-filled family weekend. 

That was my Thanksgiving, in a nutshell. 

I saw a quote that said "Let us be full of both thanks and giving." That's just how I felt. Full of thanks and wanting to give more of myself and my heart to those I love. 

I hope you are truly blessed this special time of year and know how much our Father in Heaven is head over heels in love with you. 

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