Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY "Birch Box"

Are you familiar with Birch Box? I think the whole concept of Birch Box is a fun gift idea, with unique and special "surprise" items you may not have tried before. Things like makeup, accessories and skincare. All in a box you receive in the mail. What fun! 

Sometimes though, the prices are a little over budget. Why not make your own? This would be a perfect Christmas gift for any girl or guy. Just pick out a small variety of things you know they'll like - or a few of your favorite things that you want to introduce them to. I'm making two "Sohl Boxes" I'll call them, for two special friends in my life. 

Here's the type of things I'm including: comfy socks, nail polish, lip shimmer, eyeshadow, a scented pencil (I love those silly things), a mini candle, earrings. The other one has an infinity scarf instead of socks and earrings. 

Package it up in a cute little box and ad a tag or card. Who wouldn't want to receive one of these? 

If you're making one for a guy, it could include: cologne or aftershave, socks (who doesn't like new socks?), beef jerky, sports accessories (golf glove, tees, ball marker), chapstick, keychain. 

There are many possibilities and you can tailor it to the recipient and occasion. 


  1.! I love my sohl box!! I used the pencil today to make a note in Lucy's baby book and wore the scarf again!! And don't get me started on the lipgloss and nail polish! Love!

    1. So glad you like it! I've loved putting it together with you in mind!


Thank you!