Saturday, November 23, 2013

Framed Cork Board

I was pretty excited about this cork board project. It was a lucky find and fairly "free." 

I spotted the giant backless weathered frame, hanging in my father-in-law's cluttered garage. I just had to ask if I could have it - he said yes! I think it was actually given to my brother in law David but he hadn't used it for anything yet, so there it was, collecting dust, just begging to be given a new life. So, I took it home with big plans in mind. I'm sorry David! And Thank you! I owe you. 

The four foot frame already had a really great weathered patina. I debated painting it or leaving it as is. In the end, I really wanted it to have color since it would most likely be displayed on tan walls and I didn't want it to blend in. Pops of color baby! 

Store bought frames like this kept coming to mind. I was drawn to this distressed dusty blue/gray/green style. 

I picked out a color and decided to go for it. 

This was the main reason I got an 8oz sample paint from Home Depot for $2.94 (yes!) and had enough leftover to paint my little side table too. Win. Win. 

I painted one coat in no time, then wiped some of the paint off with a rag to expose the rustic weathered wood beneath. It looked even better than I hoped! 

Being able to take home a large roll of cork from work on clean out day was a huge blessing! I cut the cork to size, along with a piece of foam core for backing, spray-glued them together and stapled it into the frame. Voila! 

I just love it in my new home office! Now I can literally "pin" to my hearts content - swatches, notes, inspiration, whatever strikes my creativity. A real live pin board!

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