Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Iced Coffee

You could label me a conservative coffee drinker. I like coffee, but I’m not an every-day-have-to-have-it kind of coffee lover. I refuse to become addicted. And I’m selective when it comes to brands and flavors. While I occasionally like hot coffee (primarily in cold weather), I really like iced coffee (especially in warm weather). However, all coffee must be consumed in the morning or afternoon hours, between 7am and 2pm, or else I won’t be able to sleep that night. Unless it’s a special occasion like a wedding reception, when they serve coffee with dessert in the evening and you need caffeine to dance the night away. See? Too many rules for coffee and I. But when the rules are followed, it’s a beautiful thing. If it involves a shot of hazelnut or caramel it’s a very good thing.

I am still loyal to McDonalds hazelnut iced coffee. But I don’t always have time (or money) for the drive-through on my way to work. I’ve tried making my own iced coffee at home, but it’s usually disappointing. The flavor just isn’t the same. The coffee has to be waaaaay cooled down so it doesn’t melt all the ice. The ratio of cream and sugar has to be right. It’s a lot of effort for not-so-great results.

Enter Pioneer Woman (once again). You are so wise red-headed cooking guru. Thank you for sharing your recipes and wisdom, so people like me can make iced coffee for realz. Ree’s recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee is no joke. I followed it exactly (including the cheesecloth, but you could use paper towel or maybe even a filter) and was VERY pleased and excited with the results. Her step-by-step recipe with beautiful photos will guide you too, in making your own batch. Please visit her site for complete details. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pound Ground Coffee (good, Rich Roast)
  • 8 quarts Cold Water
  • Milk / Half-and-half / Sweetened Condensed Milk (dairy product of choice)
  • Sweetener (sugar, artificial sweetener, flavored syrups)
*I cut the recipe in half, using ½ pound of ground coffee and 4 quarts cold water. I was able to mix it in a large soup pot with a lid and keep it in my refrigerator overnight until straining it the next day. 

Now I have a pitcher of coffee concentrate in my refrigerator ready to go whenever I’m in the mood for iced coffee! I just add ice, a little milk or a splash half and half, some sugar (must add sugar), stir it up, and sip refreshing coffee goodness. Ahhhh…….

I am now could become addicted to this!

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