Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Things: McDonald's Hazelnut Iced Coffee with Low Fat Milk

This is perfection. With a straw. To go.

McDonald's hazelnut iced coffee with low fat milk is my favorite. Let me stress the low fat milk part again. If you get regular milk, it's too sweet with not enough coffee flavor. I would categorize myself as an occasional coffee drinker. I don't need a cup o' joe every day. But on those extra sleepy mornings, when I need some get-up-'n-go, this does it. I especially love hazelnut.

I think I've tried most of the iced coffee's in town. Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Horton's, Jitter's, Starbucks. There's just something about McDonald's coffee. And a medium is reasonably priced around $2.29. Prices and participation may vary. Do I sound like one of their commercials or what? Maybe McDonald's will see this endorsement and give me free iced coffee for life. Hurry! Tell your friends!

So, what coffee do you coffee-lovers prefer? Hot? Cold? Do you have a favorite brand? Or will any cup of java do? Do tell. It's time for coffee talk.


  1. thanks for the tip about the lowfat milk...i always seem to think that their iced coffee was WAY too sweet for me, but i've never ordered it like that!!! i'll let you know how it goes :)

    as for me, i'm a coffee lover, and need my cup in the morning to get me going. i make coffee at home in a french press, and i love leaf & bean coffee blends. hot coffee in the winter and iced in the summer!


  2. Yum! You are making me want to run out to McD's right now for a little pick me up in a cup!

    I am a lover of sugary goodness with a nice caffiene boost. You would classify my drink of choice as a little caffeine with my cream & sugar. And like Morgan, I enjoy hot coffee in the winter and iced in the summer!



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