Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Time To Plant

After a looooong stretch of continuous rain, this weekend was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining Saturday morning and I couldn't wait to get outside and do some gardening. We took a trip to Lowes and The Garden Factory to pick up some flowers and herbs, a bag of soil and two bags of grub killer. Yup. Our lawn needs help in the fight against grubs. Yuck.

A couple weeks ago I found this adorable set of three pink metal planters with tray, on clearance for $1.97 at Joanne Fabrics. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. 

Enter fresh herbs. 

Sweet basil, for pasta dishes and caprese salad. 

Italian flat leaf parsley, to make-a-the-sauce-and-meat-a-balls. 

Sweet mint, I have big plans for you. Ever since I saw Rich's post about Minty Mojito's I knew I needed to get some mint and try this refreshing drink recipe. Soon minty leaves....soon. 

Do you like my cute little herb garden? The bright pink against the vibrant green makes me smile. The scent in itself is delicious. 

I also found these eco-friendly turquoise pots at Joann Fabrics, made from recycled materials, for 50% off. They were $6 each. I am done with terracotta pots. I had a couple that broke and I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to use them this year. I like these replacements. 

I did have some other empty containers to re-use as well. 

Bringing me to The Garden Factory is like bringing a kid to a candy store. Row upon row of gorgeous blooms in so many colors. I love flowers. I really do. Each one so unique, exquisite, beautiful. I was in the market for geraniums. They do really well on our deck and bloom for a long time. I seem to have the most success with them, so I was going to fill all my containers with them. Dark red, magenta and light pink. 

They really liven up the deck and our front porch! 

Our deck is one of the things I love most about our house. I try to spend as much time out there as possible. (Don't mind the greenish looking steps, we need to re-stain it) The house I grew up in had a wooden deck with built in seating. I played out there all summer. Mom grew parsley on one side of the deck and some years Dad had a vegetable garden. 

I really enjoy our 12 piece patio set, which was one of our first Craigslist purchases. It came with everything - glass table, umbrella and stand, 6 adjustable reclining chairs, two footrests and a small glass side table. It's held up really well. The table could use a new coat of paint. I love eating meals out there or relaxing with a book. 

Can't forget our little tomato plant from Aunt Mary's Easter basket. Now at home in a bigger pot (that spade came in handy). Hopefully we'll get a couple of good tomatoes! 

I bought a hanging basket for our front porch because I love "fuchsia". These flowers are incredible to me. My Dad used to hang them on our front porch. 

Bright pink exteriors bloom to reveal such purple flowers. What a gorgeous combination! I just learned that this flower was first discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which is now the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We are going on vacation to the Dominican Republic, for the first time. I am CRAZY excited! Maybe I'll see some fuchsia in their natural environment. Along with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees...

Spending time outside gardening with the sun shining overhead was like water to my soul. All this rain and gloom was starting to get to me. I need Vitamin D! There's nothing like digging your hands in some dirt (with gloves on of course), and surrounding yourself with God's beautiful creation.

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