Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening Easter Basket

As much as I enjoy making gift baskets, I enjoy receiving them as well! Look at this adorable gardening themed Easter basket that Aunt Mary gave us. She made one for each couple this Easter. 

Gardening gloves (you can never have enough of those), a spade and a tomato plant. As the tomato plant grows, it will remind us of the new life that Jesus Christ gave us through His death and resurrection. Well put Aunt Mary.  

Along with jelly beans, milk chocolate and oh-so-rich-homemade-Ohl-family-tradition peanut butter eggs. Sugar? Check. 

Add some ribbon and a silk flower for decoration. What a cute blessing. You could pick up these items and make your own basket for not a lot of money. It would make a great housewarming, Mother's/Father's day or gardening-lovers gift. 

This guy was very interested in it as well.

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