Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodwill Good Find

You might know I'm a fan of Goodwill and other second hand stores for great vintage finds. You might also know how much I like milk glass. Coincidentally, a lot of my favorite milk glass pieces have come from Goodwill and other thrift stores. It baffles my mind that these treasures are donated or tossed aside, ending up at second hand stores for just pennies. I can't help but imagine the homes they might have come from, like Ward and June Cleaver's (Leave it to Beaver). A different era. 

I came across this large lattice edged milk glass pedestal compote at Goodwill. I have not seen a piece like this before. I am familiar with the pattern on the base but the top is new to me. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to add this piece to my collection, because I have been trying to be more selective lately. When I first started collecting milk glass, I would snatch up every piece I came across. Now, it seems to be everywhere. I have been looking for pieces that are very unique and that I really like. This beauty was only $3.99. I had to take it home. 

Look at the lattice detail. I wonder how it was made without breaking it. When I looked it up on Ebay, this same piece ranged from $15-$45. I learned that it was manufactured in the US by Westmoreland Glass Company, prior to 1948. There were no markings on the piece, which meant it had a paper label at some point. 

I couldn't leave it empty, so I put some (fake) lemons in it for now. White milk glass really goes with anything. Maybe I'll use it as a cake stand or dessert platter. I'm glad I added this unique piece to my collection!

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  1. if you want a HUGE selection of milk glass, go to the thrift store in the city. Its on mainstreet, just past Rehouse (another place you would love, they buy and sell used home stuff like molding and tile,cabinets, sinks, toilets, doors, windows, its great!)I think it’s a Veterans thrift store. Not a VOA, or Goodwill, but it had like 2 full shelves of milk glass. But you should take Andy with you cause it is kinda shadey!!


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