Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Purse Thing

Those of you that know me, know that I like purses. "Like" may be an understatement. Considering I have about 30 of them. Not an exaggeration. Is that completely ridiculous? Do I need to join a self help group? Purses are the ultimate accessory, in my opinion. I've been carrying one since I was about 7 years old, maybe earlier. I remember proudly toting around a pink and purple fuzzy caterpillar purse - with legs, when I was in Sunday school. I wish I had a picture of it! 

There's just so many styles, shapes, colors, textures and sizes. One week, I might want one that's big enough to carry a small convenient store. The next, I might want a tiny clutch that barely fits some cash and my cell phone. One day it's sophisticated and all business. The next, bold and trendy. A good purse can make or break an outfit. Who's with me? I know I'm not the only purse lover. I like shoes too. But you don't have to worry about a purse "fitting" like you do a pair of shoes. If there aren't any 7 1/2's left, you're out of luck. With purses, it's pretty much one size fits all! 

It's not just about looks either. I am actually very selective in choosing a handbag. There are things I like and don't like. Such as long adjustable straps. No thank you. Lot's of flaps and pockets on the outside. Not for me. I prefer one handle over two, but I make exceptions depending on the bag. I seem to gravitate toward purses that are square or boxy in shape, with an uncomplicated design. I like clean lines. Those long rectangular ones with a million pockets, bells and whistles are stressful to me. I want to stash my stuff inside and be able to find it quickly. Floppy bags are a challenge. I like sturdy ones with semi-ridged sides. Good pockets on the inside are fabulous. Especially the cell phone pocket and a zipper pocket. Sometimes I forget about the zipper pocket and find a few dollars or a long-lost piece of jewelry stowed away. It's like a surprise!

What is it about the handbag that makes me so fond? I guess it's the security of having stuff that you need/might need with you when you're out in the world. A wallet of course, somewhere to put your keys, ipod, coupons (because you know the moment you take them out of your purse, you're going to need them), dental floss, a pen and paper, lip gloss, a few bobby pins, maybe a small hairbrush, nail clippers/nail file, gum and mints. Perhaps it's the boyscout mentality of "always be prepared." That really should have been the girl scout slogan. I have been called "Mary Poppins" for having a wealth of handy items in my purse at times. I think I inherited this gift from my Mom. When I was young I LOVED looking in her purse. It was like a treasure trove of goodies. You never knew when those mini fold out scissors where going to be needed - you'd be surprised. She always has Mentos, Altoids or mints too.

A purse can reflect your mood or your personality. Just like the clothes you wear. If you're going to be seen walking around with something every day, don't you want it to to look good? Why not make a statement and have some fun with it? I must state for the record, that when it comes to spending money on purses, I am CHEAP. The reason I have about 30 of them, is because they were inexpensive. The clearance aisle is my best friend. I don't think I've ever spent over $30 for a bag, and even that was a LOT. $10 or $20 is my price range. I've gotten some cute little clutches for $4 before. Which means I don't feel as guilty about being a purse horse. 

Which brings me to the cherry red beauty pictured above. The latest bag to join my accessory family. I was shopping at Marshall's when I spotted this bag in white. I was drawn to the adorable oversize coin purse closure and unique shape. But I wasn't sold on the fact that it was white. I looked around and spotted a tan one with a different texture. Still wasn't sold. There was also an off-white. Couldn't do it. I walked around the rest of the store debating purchasing it. If only they had a red one. Or any other color. Sigh. On my way home I stopped at another Marshall's, just in case they had more in stock. Yes, I am that purse-crazed. Commence mockery. To my delight, they had a brown one and a mustard one. I was 99% sold on the mustard one. I circled the racks a few more times. Then I stopped in my tracks when I saw ONE red one. Hanging there. Waiting for me. My silent wish was answered! The price was right. The end. Even the kid cashing me out commented on what a great bag. Weird... 

What's my point? There really is no point. I just wanted to share my passion for purses. And see if anyone else out there shares my joy in finding a new bag and switching their purse contents into it. I admit, sometimes I get tired of carrying one around. Especially when it starts to get heavy. It's freeing not to carry one, yet alarming at the same time. Like when you're at an amusement park or a festival and you go without one. There's those moments of panic, like "Where's my purse?!?!" It almost becomes a right arm.

It's the little things in life :)


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! That bag is amazing. I am on the look out for a yellow purse, so keep your sale eyes open :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see you sporting it sometime soon :)


Thank you!