Monday, July 5, 2010

Grateful for Independence

Happy July 4th (yesterday) to everyone in the U.S. We are truly blessed. A "thank you" goes out to my Mom and Dad for our flag, which we proudly display. I enjoyed celebrating with some of my favorite people. We spent the afternoon basking in beautiful weather, sunshine, grilling, good food and lots of backyard this! My niece and nephew (and husband and brother-in-law) had a blast in our blow-up pool, that has lasted a 3rd summer, much to our amazement.

A little before 10pm, Andrew and I rode our bikes down the street to the sports park, which was hosting the annual Spirit of America fireworks celebration. It has become a tradition since we moved into our house. The display was spectacular as usual. But I forgot to bring my camera! We like being able to zip past the lines of cars streaming into the park, find a nice spot on the grass to watch the show, then back on our bikes and home again in no time.

My heart is full. So grateful for so much.

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