Monday, July 12, 2010

Anniversary Mini Wedding Cake Replica

In honor of our 5th wedding anniversary, I decided to test my skills at baking and decorating a mini replica of our wedding cake. I got the idea from Buddy Valastro, owner of Carlo's Bakery, better known as the Cake Boss. I am in love with the idea of working in a bakery at some point in my life. Pastries, cookies, cannoli, cakes, pasticiotti...

This is what our actual wedding cake looked like. I loved the simplicity of 3 white round tiers with decorative piping, topped off and with different colored gerbera daisies, my favorite flower. There was a layer of raspberry filling in the middle. Delish.

I started with 1 white cake mix, and baked according to the directions, in two 9 inch round cake pans.

After the cakes cooled, I placed one onto a serving dish. Using a large serrated knife, I shaved a little off of the rounded top to level it out and make a flatter surface for the top tiers to rest on.

I used TWO cans of vanilla frosting for the entire cake. Duncan Hines creamy home-style classic vanilla frosting is perfect because it sets up a little bit and stays in place once it dries. I frosted and smoothed the first layer of cake. I "dirty iced it," as Buddy would say. I highly recommend using one of these frosting spreaders. I got it at a cake party years ago, and it makes frosting anything a dream. However, I cannot do it blindfolded. Yet.

Place the second cake round onto a piece of wax paper on your work surface. Use a bowl as a guide to cut out a smaller circle, right in the middle. Cut it out with a knife. 

Take the small cake circle out and set aside. Using the small circle as a guide, begin to build another layer of cake in the shape of a circle on top, by cutting shapes out of the remaining cake ring. 

I managed to put together this quartered circle-like sectional, and added a piece to fill the middle. It's like building with foam, except it's cake. And you can eat the scraps.

Here is a look at how it stacks up with the mini round. Shave a little off the top if it looks too rounded. The sectioned cake circle will be the base of the second tier.

Start positioning the sectional pieces on top of the frosted base, in the center. Be sure to add frosting between each piece, to hold it in place.

Frost the sectioned round. Don't be bashful. It's easier to put a lot of frosting on, then remove the excess. Place the circular mini round on top. 

This is where smoothing the frosting is important. Cover the entire cake, smoothing and evening it out as much as possible. If there's a bump or an uneven spot, add more frosting or cut a little off. Frosting solves all. Fill a cake decorating bag with the remaining 1/3 - 1/2 can of frosting for the detailing.

I only have a couple of cake decorating tips, so I used a floral one. I wish I had a simple round tip. It would have been easier to draw lines and more true to the original cake, but it did the job. Fill in the borders with decorative edging, draw shapes and jazz it up. Keep in mind though, less is more. It is very easy to get carried away with the decorating bag. Ask my husband why his birthday cake was covered with flowers two years - Oops.

Now it's time to add these beauties. I trimmed the stems to about 1 1/2 inches, ran them under water, then wrapped them with plastic wrap. I stuck two blossoms right on top and tucked one on the side. How cute is that?

It came out better than I thought it would! The only thing missing was the raspberry filling. I think Buddy would be proud of my first attempt. Maybe next time I'll attempt to use fondant and incorporate cereal treats. My sweetie was impressed and it tasted great. Mission accomplished! You could even make a cake similar for a bridal or baby shower, with your flower of choice.

Here's a look back at the original.

And a look at two young kids cutting into it, in 2005.

And us now, in 2010.

Let them eat cake!


  1. It's really nice occasion! On this time i like to say that cakes make this more important and happy. If you make your partners favourite cake then it will become memorable day for both of you.Thanks for this nice post.

  2. I am so impressed by your cake making skillz (yeah, that is with a "z"). You are definitely going to give the Cake Boss a run for his money. I look forward to seeing your other fun treats and perhaps samplings a few too! :)

    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary. It is a huge milestone that many couples never see. May the Lord continue to bless you both!



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