Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adorn by Christine, Hand Painted Art Apparel

I would like to introduce you to my talented friend Christine, the artist behind Adorn by Christine, hand painted art apparel. In preparation for her first craft show and establishing her new business and brand, she hired me to design a logo, business card, and sticker label. What a great project! I jump at the opportunity to work on freelance projects. It gives me the chance to break free from the food packaging mold and exercise my creative juices on another level.

Christine has mastered the fine art of painting the most beautiful silk scarves, like the one above. This piece was my inspiration for the logo.

Here's a look at a few packaged and labeled scarves with the oval sticker.

Isn't she talented? So many gorgeous colors and designs.

This is one of the longer scarves. She also paints wraps and sarongs, as well as custom orders.

If you would like to contact Christine to learn more about hand painted art apparel, you can email her: adornbychristine@yahoo.com

They make great gifts!


  1. Where do you get the plastic?

    1. I think Christine purchased the plastic containers from Uline.com - they have a ton of packaging materials. Thanks for your comment!


Thank you!