Monday, January 18, 2010

Couch & Love Seat Transformation Preview

Can you believe it? (Click photo to view larger) One love seat down, one couch to go! From floral to khaki, I have been working on this since new years. And let me tell you, it has not been easy. This before and after photo makes it look like a piece of cake. Oh contraire. I don't know how many times I sat on the floor, with yards of fabric, pins and scissors. Oftentimes, I gave up and walked away. Then I would think about it. Then come back and try to piece one section together. Then think about it some more. Then walk away. For a week. Then another week. Until finally, the unfinished-ness was driving me nuts.  The pillows were the best part. The actual frame, not the best part. It is FAR from perfect, but I think it looks pretty good! Luckily, the photos hide the flaws. And what I have learned from the love seat, I will try to apply to the couch.

Oh, the couch. An even bigger version of this. I may need to take a vacation before I dive in. And pray. A lot. Hopefully it will be a little easier, now that I have come this far. What do you think? I plan on adding one more pillow, in rusty red to add another pop of color. My husband is rolling is eyes at the idea of more pillows. I just love pillows! That's how my love of sewing came to be. But more on that another day.

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  1. Nice, that floral pattern actually makes me dizzy.

    Btw nice header image.


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