Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Happenings

Coincidentally, we have an abundance of orange produce. Doesn't this make a beautiful still life? Yes, the pumpkin and gourd are from Thankgiving. They're stayin' alive, stayin' alive... 
The clementines are actually called "darling clementines" because of their cute bite-size-ness. Love 'em. The even littler orange guys are called kumquats. You heard me right. They are tart tiny citrus with edible skin. I should send this to How About Orange


I updated my beloved console table and found the perfect wall hangings to go above. The clock and circular mirrors were found at Marshalls. I have had a long, wonderful relationship with Marshalls. The store has yet to let me down. Nine times out of ten, I go home with something I love. Even if I wasn't looking for anything in particular. Clothes, shoes, home decor, purses, a great gift. Thank you Marshalls. You never disappoint. 

I was especially excited when I saw the clock. I almost purchased a similar one at Pottery Barn, but could not justify the price.

These pocket watch style clocks run about $60 (for the large size). The one I found at Marshalls was $20, and it was bigger. 


Can you tell the difference? Nope. The circular mirrors were a great find too. Now, who wants to play "Guess what's in each mirror"? 

My husband has been working on the bathroom. He's installing new floor board and starting the drywall. You're the best Honey, thank you.


Here's a look at the new wall beams and plumbing for the shower and tub, that went in last week. What have I been doing to help out (besides shopping and decorating)? The usual Saturday housekeeping tasks, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and making delicious Chicken Pot Pies for lunch. Recipe to come.

Happy Saturday!

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