Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arizona '09 Part 3 Finale

It's time for some BINGO! I had my first real bingo experience with my Mom and her friends at their weekly bingo night. Let me tell you, they are in it to win it! Everyone brings their stampers (in multiple colors of course), their raffle ticket holder, and their determination to play 12 rounds. Where can you have that much fun for $4 on a Wednesday evening?

I learned that each round they play a different bingo pattern. Not your boring old five-in-a-row game. Anticipation was in the air as each game got closer and closer to a winner. Once someone called out "Bingo!" and the winner was confirmed, you could hear the disappointment and conversations of "I only needed one more number!"

My Mom's friend Liz is a pro, she doesn't even need to mark the patterns before each game.

This is our cousin Fran. Her husband was one of the winners. Lucky!

Mom and I didn't go home with any bingo dough, but we worked with some in the kitchen (pie dough that is). My Mom's apple pie is the BEST. Simply divine. (Recipe to come)


We also made greens (escarole) and beans. We didn't know escarole would be so difficult to find this time of year!

We went to dinner and a show at Barleen's Arizona Opry. The Barleen family has been entertaining with diverse musical talent for over 30 years. It was a great show, featuring Christmas music and practically every musical instrument known to man.

George Staerkel (the guy playing the horn), is best know as the voice that sang "In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..."


A delicious home-style meal is served before the show, with a giant piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Yum!

There was singing and comedy.

The world's largest saxophone (literally).


And Swiss horns. Which inevitably made me picture this....


We had a really fun night out together.  I recommend catching the show if you're ever in Apache Junction.


Dad and I made a trip to the garden center at Home Depot. I was admiring the beautiful plants that flourish in Arizona, such as bougainvillea, my favorite.

And these succulents (A.K.A. hens and chickens).  Aren't they cute?

Dad has always had a green thumb (I like to think I inherited it). He has made their desert yard look very pretty with different cacti, flowering bushes, and potted plants.

On my last day in AZ (sniff, sniff) I spent some time sitting in the back yard, just soaking up the sunlight and savoring my last few moments in the Grand Canyon State (which I have yet to see some day).

Teddy didn't want me to leave, I could tell. It's always bittersweet to hug my Mom and Dad goodbye, and head back home after a wonderful visit. Especially when winter in NY is waiting to receive me.  But so is my wonderful husband, who let me be away for a week. Isn't he sweet? I know he was the one who made the biggest sacrifice - especially when I heard what he had been eating while I was away.

Mom & Dad, thanks for spoiling me and making me feel like I was still a teenager living at home. Those were some good times...sleeping in, Mom making french toast for breakfast, shopping the afternoon away, watching TV, staying up late and not working full time. I wish someone would have told me back then how quickly those years would fly by! Love you Dad & Mom.

I look forward to the next time I can jet off to Arizona. That's all I have for this trip. Hope you enjoyed looking through my camera lens!

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  1. Sarah,
    Just got off the phone your mom and she told me to check out your website. Are we ever glad we did! You are just as pretty, gifted and sweet as ever. we so much enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your blogs though it has brought a tear to our eyes as we miss you all. Wish we could all have a reunion some day! Please give Andrew a hug from us.
    tom and dee


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