Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rosette Clutch

I found instructions to make this adorable clutch hand bag at Fiskars crafts. I have made 3 different ones so far (only 2 pictured). They are relatively easy and make adorable gits. I used two corresponding fabrics, one for the outer bag and one for the inner lining and rosette. I had to experiment with how much felt to use as padding. 2 pieces was a little too puffy. 1 piece on the outside of the bag seemed to work well.

I love the look of a rosette or flower or whatever you like to call it. It took a few tries to make one how I wanted it. The first time, I left the edges of the fabric frayed, but I didn't care for how unfinished it looked. The second time, I folded a strip of fabric in half lengthwise, and sewed a long loose seam, so the edges would be finished. It's really a matter of making a long enough strip so that you can wrap it around and around in a coil, starting from the outside and working your way in. I found, that sewing or hot gluing it to a circular scrap of fabric helps anchor it as you create the rosette and give you a base to attach it to the clutch. I also tucked in and tried to hide the ends. I even covered a button to make this one match.

Here's my hand modeling skills so you get and idea of actual size. Looks like I could use some lotion - this cold weather is torturous on my hands. I currently use mine to hold coupons in my big purse, but it would make a much better hand-held purse. Can't you picture carrying one along on a night out? Adorable.

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