Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coaster to Coaster

The weekend is almost here, I can feel it. I should be working on my couch slipcovers, but here I am instead. Blogging and listening to my new Diana Krall jazz CD. It's very relaxy taxi.

My creative friend, Crafty Christy emailed me some photos from our ladies craft night, that we had a couple months ago. We made some beautiful tile coasters, based on the tutorial found at Style Me Pretty.

There, you'll find a step by step guide along with the materials you'll need:
• 4x4 inch plain ceramic tiles (white ones at Lowes are only 16 cents each! Talk about an affordable project.))
• scrapbook paper
• Mod Podge
• foam brushes
• cork with adhesive backing (We found rolls at Joann Fabrics. Make sure to look for the one with adhesive)

I'm feeling lazy, so I'm not going to re-type all of the instructions because Style Me Pretty did that for us! (It's this relaxing CD I tell ya!) Didn't they turn out great?

The cork was a little tricky to put on. It does tend to tear a bit if you're not careful during cutting. And it is VERY sticky (as Crafty Christy found out). We had a blast making them, and kept having to go to Lowes for more tiles, because we wanted to make more! They made beautiful Christmas gifts. Sets of four, tied up with ribbon, wrapped with paper, or presented in a little box.

We did run into a little "situation" with the Polycrylic sealer stage. Some of them started to bubble up at first. I think it had something to do with the drying time between applying coats, possibly the moisture in the basement where we were crafting, and maybe temperature? Crafty Christy, would you like to explain what happened? (She's the engineering brains of this operation, not me)

In the end, they still turned out great. Now you have no excuse for putting your drink on something unstylish. Or worse yet, putting your drink on a bare coffee table. Go make some!

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