Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paper Treat Pouch

Raise your hand if you're addicted you like Pinterest. Raise your hand if you pin more projects than you actually do. Now, raise your hand if sometimes you actually try a Pinterest project and it turns out to be, in fact, as easy and wonderful as it looked. This cute little paper craft was one of those projects. You can put your hands down now.

I don't know what it is about sewing paper, but it makes me giddy. Like when I sewed Christmas cards and Valentines. I just love combining thread with paper. 

I made a bunch of these little triangular pouches as favors, filled with pieces of saltwater taffy, for a ladies luncheon that I hosted. I also went through a saltwater taffy addiction. Cute sewn paper pouches AND candy. It was a lethal combination. My favorite flavors are orange creamsicle, cappuccino, and butter popcorn. Weird, I know.

All you need is:
scrapbook paper (mine were 6.5 by 5 inches)
double sided tape
sewing machine
frilly scissors

Look at that cute little paper edge. Adorable.

I found the idea here with excellent directions.

Cut your paper to size. Make it into a cylinder (like a toilet paper tube) and tape it together. Pinch one end and sew it across. Fill with candy. Pinch the other end in the opposite direction (making it triangular) and sew it closed. Trim the edges with decorative scissors.

That's it! You can make a whole bunch of them for a party, bridal shower, or birthday celebration, in no time. The paper can match your theme. Add stickers. Make large ones to hold more candy, or even wrap a small gift.  

And, if you're my age, this shape might also remind you of those triangular popsicle icey treats from the cafeteria in elementary school. Who remembers those?   

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  1. Love them! I've never had salt water taffy before - we don't have that over here. Heading to the US in January so maybe I'll have to find some!


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