Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handmade Valentine Cards

When I was in elementary school, I always looked forward to valentine's day because I got to hand out cards to all my classmates. Sometimes we made little mailboxes for our desks. I couldn't wait to open those thin paper envelopes, read the silly notes and eat the candy (especially Sweet Tarts). Today, I still like valentines day because I have my forever valentine. I also like that it's another day out of the year to tell the ones you love, how much you love them.

Rather than purchase overpriced greeting cards, I decided to go old school and make a few of my own. I was in the mood for crafting with paper and glue sticks. I made Christmas cards two years ago with paper and fabric and I loved how they turned out. I decided to combine my love for typography, sewing, fabric and specialty paper once again. 

I had some white card stock on hand and left over red envelopes. I cut the card stock to size.

Then I cut and glued some scrapbook paper to the card. 

I only had one large doily, so I cut it into 8 sections and glued one to each card, wrapping it around to the back. 

I typed up "I Love You" and "Happy Valentines Day" greetings on my computer, printing on white return address labels. I just stuck them on the card. What could be easier?

This guy was very interested in the process.

My favorite part was adding a square of burlap and hand sewing it to the card with red embroidery thread in the shape of a heart. Isn't it cute? I just love the different textures.

I signed and dated the back, which also looks cute with the heart thread and doily.

I had fun making them and I think they're better than any store bought cards! I had all of the materials on hand. You can use any combination of papers to whip up some handmade valentines, straight from your heart. They will definitely brighten your loved ones day!

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