Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stony Brook State Park

This year, our 8th wedding anniversary day trip took us to Stony Brook State Park. Located in Dansville, NY, this park is a great spot for nature walks, swimming, picnics or camping (if that's your thing). We spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon hiking the (rather steep) forest trail, up above the gorge. 


We were surrounded by tall trees and peaceful nature. Such a welcomed change of scenery. 

I couldn't wait to walk along/in the gorge. I remember camping at Stony Brook with my church youth group when I was about 11. There were sections of rock carved out and smoothed by the water that you could slide down like a water slide. There's even a large "pool" at the start where you can swim.

Each section has a waterfall (I think there are 4).

Just beautiful. 

I love our little "adventures" together. I think it only cost $7 to park for the day. There were a TON of people, kids, families and dogs - all trying to cool off and enjoy the summer weather.

Definitely a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and breathe in God's beautiful creation. Especially with the one you love.

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