Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spray It

If you're looking to spruce up some items around your home without spending a lot of money, spray paint is a relatively quick and easy option. You can spray paint practically anything, in any color you like.

I wondered what this brass scroll mirror would like like in a bold color. I ended up loving it in yellow. 

Valspar and Rust-oleum have a nice selection of colors. Pay close attention when purchasing gloss vs. matte finish. I accidentally picked up the yellow in gloss, and would have preferred matte. It took quite a few coats and was a little shinier than I wanted, but in the end it looked great. The Metallic Satin Nickle worked great on the metal curtain rod. I didn't use orange, but I'm sure I'll use it for a future project. 

I've had a pair of inexpensive lamps since we got married. They are traditional and I still like the style, but I was ready for something besides tan/ivory. 

I carefully taped off the mirror and the lamp stands and set up cardboard spray booths in the garage - with plenty of ventilation. 

Be sure to spray from all angles, especially when you have intricate details. (The circle mirrors didn't end up working out how I planned). 

The lamp stands were instantly transformed! I also sprayed green letters I got at Hobby Lobby. A pizza box worked well as an additional spraying surface - feel free to raid the recycling bin! 

The lamps look new and add a fun pop of color.

The yellow mirror really brightens up the wall and accents the room. This is my favorite transformation.

Spray Painting Tips: 
Spray a few/many light coats, rather than going too heavy all at once.  
Use an even back and forth spray motion - don't concentrate in one spot.
Allow enough drying time between coats. 
Avoid the temptation to touch the surface to see if it's dry yet (you will leave marks!)
Be sure to spray from all angles and rotate the item to cover all areas. 
I highly recommend wearing disposable gloves (and a mask if you have one). 

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