Sunday, February 17, 2013

2 Panels for the Price of 1

Window treatments can be a pain. Am I right? Just thinking about installing a curtain rod makes me want to forgo it all together. When redecorating our living area, I decided I wanted to add matching curtains to the smaller window that previously had only blinds.

After experimenting with sewing my own patterned curtains and deciding I didn't like them as much as I thought I would (that's a whole other story), I decided to re-use the brown ones I already had for the large main window and find matching ones for the opposing smaller windows. 

The large window used to look like this. I said farewell to the light tan accent "swag" (looks so '90's to me now), and raised the curtain rod to about 3 inches below the ceiling. I also spray painted the black curtain rod with Rustoleum's Metallic Satin Nickel spray paint. 

This handy illustration (via Pinterest) helps visualize how high to hang curtains over windows. For more info visit here

I already had two matching curtain rods in brushed nickel, in the same exact scroll design (happy coincidence!) from my old bedroom. Perfect for both smaller windows! 

Now for the matching brown panels. Clearly the full size large panel would be too big for the smaller windows. I really only needed them to be half the size. But who sells half size panels? I could make my own curtains (again) just like I did here by ironing the hems. But it would probably cost as much as buying them (if not more).

Enter full size panel from Bed Bath and Beyond. I could always cut them in half - an idea that might not be so crazy! That means I would get two window panels for the price of one. Or in my case, four window panels for the price of two. I got the 84" which were $19.99 each, but with my 20% off coupon (and who doesn't have stacks of those?) it brought them to about $16 each. Yes! 

So, that's what I did. I cut them right down the middle and sewed up a quick hem on each side with my sewing machine. This did mean that they were no longer "pocket" panels, where the curtain rod slides through. I used clip rings instead, which I like the look of much better anyway. And with more of my 20% off coupons at B3 the rings were only about $7 per pack. 

That's my tip for saving a few bucks when dealing with painful window treatments. Unfortunately, I don't have any tips for installing the actual curtain rod to the wall. That took me at least two tries each and 4 extra holes in the wall. No joke. If at first you don't succeed...

Me and measuring correctly, just don't get along. It's like the numbers on the ruler are playing tricks on me. I do know how to use a laser level and a drill. It's the math that's the problem!  

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